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The Keranique Regrowth Treatment
is Clinically Proven to Regrow Hair.

Regrow Thicker, Fuller,
Stronger Hair

Increase Hair Density
and Shine

Includes the only FDA
Approved Regrowth
Ingredient for Women


Keranique® Scalp Stimulating and Volumizing Keratin Conditioner were created to work perfectly together.

The Follicle Strengthening Volumizing Shampoo is designed especially for thinning hair. Our gentle formula is fortified with Keratin and Pro Vitamin B5 to deep clean, help remove build up and promote microcirculation while it strengthens and thickens your hair.

The Follicle Strengthening Volumizing Conditioner contains our proprietary Keratin Amino Complex that will help thicken, fortify and volumize your hair without weighing it down like traditional conditioners. Plus, it adds body and volume, leaving hair manageable and silky.


The Keranique® Hair Regrowth Treatment features the only FDA-Approved ingredient clinically proven to help women re-grow hair.

The Regrowth Treatment ingredients reactivates dormant and shrunken hair follicles to make them stronger and help re-grow hair. Using this treatment twice a day, every day, will help you get the healthy, fuller-looking hair you’ve been dreaming of.


The Keranique® Lift & Repair Treatment Spray is a treatment that adds instant body, bounce and shine!

Our treatment lifts and holds hair, wrapping around each strand, helping to repair existing damage and prevent new damage from styling while providing lasting, touchable volume and fullness. Use it for blow drying, holding and setting, controlling and finishing any style, adding shine and strength... and it’s clinically proven to mend 96% of split ends by sealing the hair shaft.

America’s #1 Selling Hair Regrowth
System for Women

120-Day Extended Money Back Guarantee

Dr. Batra, M.Sc., M.P.H, and M.D.
Board Certified Dermatologist
Medical Advisor, Keranique®

About one in three of the women who come into my practice ask me about thinning hair and hair loss. Often the first person they have spoken to about it. If there were three things that I could reinforce with women regarding hair loss, they would be:

1. If you think you are losing your hair, you probably are.

If you are noticing more hair in the drain, or in your brush, or that your ponytail seems less thick than it used to be, that indicates your hair may be starting to thin. You should also know that you are not alone. This is such a common issue for women, but women don’t talk about it. In fact 45% of adult women in the US suffer from hair loss and thinning – that’s over 50 million.

2. If you do nothing, it will likely only get worse, as hair loss is progressive.

By the time most women start to notice hair loss, it’s already fairly advanced. Hair follicles, where hair growth starts, miniaturize over time due to genetics and the aging process. Sebum and oil can also build up on the scalp and clog the follicles. Your follicles begin to produce thinner and thinner hairs, and finally they may stop producing hair at all. The good news is that your follicles can be revitalized if you address the issue now.

3. Women’s hair loss is different than men’s.

Women tend to lose hair more diffusely, all over or at the front of the scalp. Female hair loss makes it difficult for most women to be eligible for any surgical relief. In fact, less than 5% of women are typically good candidates for hair restoration surgery. But you can try the Keranique® Regrowth Treatment as part of a system to support hair and scalp health and regrow your hair.

Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment contains the only ingredient approved specifically for women by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat female pattern baldness.

As you age, your hair is robbed of nutrients and your hair follicle shrinks causing weak and fine hair, which eventually will fall out. A woman's hair loss with decrease in shine and volume can be triggered by a multitude of conditions and circumstances including poor hair care, coloring, heating, and curling. Hair loss can also be hereditary or caused by nutrition, climate, and even stress... resulting in unhealthy, thinning hair.

Are you ready to get the thicker, longer, fuller, stronger hair you desire and deserve?

If you’re hurting and suffering from the diminished look of your hair... you can finally start fighting the signs of hair loss today with the Keranique.

Regrow Thicker,
Fuller, Healthier Hair!

America’s #1 Selling Hair Regrowth
System for Women

120-Day Extended Money Back Guarantee