Let’s face it…curly hair can be hard to maintain. You can use the wrong brush and it will make your hair frizzy. Or you can use too many products and make your hair look damaged. So many different factors that can add to potential complexity. But curly hair shouldn’t be something you have to fight with every day. By using the proper shampoo or conditioners you’ll be able to love your curly hair again!

When working to make your curly hair more manageable, try using natural oils. Argan oil is a great option. It can be found in several hair care products and does not leave your hair feeling oily or greasy, but rather soft and shiny.

Coconut oil is another ingredient that can be found in several shampoos and helps prevent breakage of the hair strands. Avocado oil has similar benefits to coconut oil and is another common ingredient in a natural, sulfate-free shampoos. Both oils go beyond the surface of your curls and go deeper to give as much benefit as possible.

Most natural oils, including ones you may not have heard of such as mongongo oil, which adds extra moisture to your hair, can be found in many hair products and shampoos. It’s really just a matter of deciding what works best for you. Dehydrated hair may benefit more from mongongo oil, whereas hair that’s incredibly frizzy or has breakage will be better used with coconut oil.

Curly hair is naturally more prone to dryness in the strands, which is why choosing a shampoo with these oils is important to give your curls the healthy look you desire. Along with picking out your shampoo, consider investing in a conditioner made by the same brand for maximum hydration and shine.

When picking out a shampoo for your curly mane, also try to avoid using a shampoo that contains sulfate. Sulfate tends to dry out hair and will leave yours looking very frizzy and damaged. If possible, pick out a product that says “sulfate-free” on the bottle and look to see what essential oils can be found inside. If you’re just starting your search for shampoos and conditioners, you can find Keranique’s selection of specific shampoos and conditions here.

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