Used after shampooing, you might likely gloss over the idea of using a conditioner. After all, why would you need to? Your shampoo already has moisturizing qualities, right? Regardless, taking the extra couple minutes in the shower to use a conditioner on your hair is more important to its health than you may realize. Continue reading to find out why conditioning is a necessary step in hair care routines that you shouldn’t ignore.

Basically, regardless of what components your shampoo is made of or how hydrating it claims to be, the point still stands that most shampoo is going to strip moisture from your hair, and eventually making it dry and more prone to breakage. This is where a conditioning agent comes into play. It helps return any moisture lost due to the shampooing. Along with replenishing the hair strands, using a conditioner gives your hair a healthy shine and provides strength to the hair.

Your hair strands contain cuticle shafts that are opened by the chemicals in most shampoos. Therefore, using shampoo alone will keep these shafts open, causing frizz or fly away strands. The agents in conditioner close the shafts, making hair smoother and reducing the amount of frizz there would be without conditioning.

It isn’t just the outward appearance of your hair that makes conditioner worthwhile, though. After conditioning, hair tends to feel softer and smoother to the touch and is also easier to run a comb through as conditioner helps to detangle your locks. If your hair gets a lot of knots, try combing through it right after rinsing out your conditioner in the shower. It should be easier to brush through once you get out of the shower.

Remember, conditioning isn’t just a one-time or whenever-you-feel-like-it kind of deal. Not conditioning your hair leads to negative side effects, such as dry, dull hair or increased risk of breakage. You might also find that it’s more difficult to maintain and run a brush through your hair. If you’re looking to get healthier, shiny hair free of tangles and breakage, a conditioner is a great start. So, don’t forget to use it!

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