Along with getting a fashionable new color this season, you may want a different hair style as well. Whether you are going back to school, work, or just after a fresh look to show off to your peers, a new do will complete your look. With most trends, the following cuts were generally inspired by a musical artist or performer and have been blowing up all over social media. Check these simple, cute, and low maintenance hairstyles that are sure to boost your confidence and change up your look.

Bobs are making quite the comeback. Since they’re cute and can be fashioned in a series of ways, like choppier, a bit longer, or wavy, they’re an incredibly versatile hairstyle for people of any face shape or age. These cuts are also low maintenance with very minimal styling outside of straightening.

Bobs aren’t the only short style this season, though. Many of the fall 2020 haircut styles are shorter and low maintenance with a bit of a choppy look, or if you absolutely HATE styling your hair, buzz cuts are in! You’ll look fierce and save a ton on shampoo with this unique and trendy look. Many celebrities rock this look along with dark-colored hair as an inspiration for women who are considering cutting all their locks off.

That being said, if you want manageable hair but aren’t ready to get rid of it all, The Lob is returning in full force this season too. The simple, short to mid-length haircut works for those who don’t like spending time on brushing on doing much with their hair because the bed-head version of this look is both daring and doesn’t require too much work.

For the ‘70s kid that never grew up, bangs you may remember from your childhood are returning. The curtain and fringe bangs from the ’70s are making a return 50 years later and look amazing on anyone who makes the transition to do something nostalgic. They are also easy to work with because they can be wavy, long, short, styled, or done with a blowout, saving you the trouble of going to a hair salon to get your bangs cut frequently.

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