If you have frizzy, wavy, and unmanageable hair, you may have considered getting a keratin treatment. It is a process that allows you to enjoy frizz-free, smoother hair for weeks or even months. A keratin treatment seals your hair cuticle with protein that gets rid of frizz and can add shine and softness. It may not make your hair straighter, but it can make it smoother which will make it more manageable.

If you decide to get a keratin treatment at a salon, it may take several hours, depending on your hair’s type and length. First, they will shampoo your hair thoroughly and then apply the keratin treatment to your hair in sections. Then they will blow dry your hair and make sure it is very smooth. When it is dry, they will flat iron the sections to ensure the hair is very straight and smooth. If you have very wavy and frizzy hair, it can really help when styling your hair on a daily basis.

Once your stylist is finished, they will advise you to not get your hair wet at all for about two days. This will help the treatment last longer. They may also recommend a special shampoo and conditioner. Even if you don’t decide to get a special shampoo and conditioner, make sure your current products are sulfate-free. If you don’t wash your hair too often and use sulfate-free products, your treatment could last between 3-6 months.

While they can be expensive, check Groupon and other websites for deals. Many salons will offer a discount occasionally. Keratin treatments are also great to do after coloring to help seal in the color. Ask your stylist if they could give you a discount if you do both services in a row. If you are unsure if your hair is a good candidate for a keratin treatment, ask your hairstylist for advice or if you have any specific questions.

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