Do Relaxers Cause Hair Loss?
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Do Relaxers Cause Hair Loss?

Commonly used by African American women, relaxers are a go-to for straighter looking hair that lasts for a number of weeks. However, relaxers are known to make hair dry, brittle, and can even cause hair loss. If relaxers are used improperly, conditions worsen. Relaxers contain ingredients like lye or sodium hydroxide which are abrasive and […]

Learn How To Pineapple Hair
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Learn How To “Pineapple” Hair aka Learn To Protect Curly Hair While You Sleep

Have you ever heard of “pineappling” your hair? Pineapples are not generally associated with your hair, but the term is just a funny way to describe a technique that protects your curls while you sleep. If you have curly hair, this may be a lifesaver for you! This technique can help you preserve your curls […]