There are few ways to stimulate hair growth, with diet being one of the most important ways. We know the impact that food has on our bodies and it certainly doesn’t stop with our hair. Eating a well-balanced diet that incorporates specific vitamins and nutrients is a key way to make sure your hair is growing long, strong, and healthy.


Berries are a great source of antioxidants which helps protect hair follicles from free radicals that damage cells. Like oranges, berries contain ample vitamin C which contains collagen, known to strengthen hair. Vitamin C also assists the body with absorbing iron. This is good to keep in mind because iron deficiencies may result in hair loss. If you’ve been struggling with hair loss, Keranique Hair Regrowth System can help to stimulate hair growth for thicker, fuller, and more manageable hair.


This vegetable is also filled with iron and vitamins A and C to help your hair grow. Spinach also contains folate which is a B-vitamin that supplies nutrients to your scalp that makes your hair grow. A B-vitamin deficiency is also linked to hair loss.

Sweet peppers

Sweet peppers are another a great source of vitamin C and A, along with antioxidants. Vitamin A aids the production of sebum- an oily secretion filled with metabolites, wax esters, and triglycerides that are essential to keep hair moisturized and healthy.

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