For treating dry, damaged hair, there are plenty of foods and cooking ingredients you can find in your kitchen to condition your hair. You can use these ingredients solo or, depending on the ingredients, combine some of them for a DIY hair mask. If you need extra help conditioning dry hair, you can always turn to hair-specific products like Keranique Replenishing Keratin Conditioner to give your hair back the body, shine, and softness you deserve. That being said, here are some simple ingredients to add life to damaged hair:


Using small amounts of butter in your hair is great for adding shine with much needed fats and vitamins (A, D, and E) to your keep hair moisturized. Just massage into dry hair, let it sit for 30 minutes, rinse out, and shampoo as usual.


Eggs contain protein, iron, and other various nutrients that keep hair healthy and hydrated. To use as a hair remedy, mix one egg with your shampoo, leave it for as little as five minutes and rinse!

Olive Oil

This cooking ingredient also contains fatty acids which battles dry hair and prevents frizz. Massage about a half cup of olive oil into your scalp, rinse, and shampoo as you normally would.


Rinsing your hair with unsweetened tea adds shine to dull, brittle hair due to its polyphenols as well as vitamins C and E. Just rinse your hair with the tea after your normal shampooing. It is strongly suggested that blondes use chamomile tea and brunettes use black tea to bring out their hair color; use of black tea on blonde hair may cause hair to appear darker.

This article is not intended to treat any disease or offer a substitution for professional medical advice.

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