Commonly used by African American women, relaxers are a go-to for straighter looking hair that lasts for a number of weeks. However, relaxers are known to make hair dry, brittle, and can even cause hair loss. If relaxers are used improperly, conditions worsen. Relaxers contain ingredients like lye or sodium hydroxide which are abrasive and weaken hair. If you choose to use relaxers, here are a few ways to keep hair from reaching its breaking point:

  • A proper diet filled with Omega-3 fatty acids is one great way to give your hair the protein that it needs. Eating a well-balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, meat, and carbs will give your hair the right amount of antioxidants, iron, protein, and other essential nutrients to protect itself against damage.
  • For hair regrowth, it’s essential to use products with the only FDA-Approved ingredient for women’s hair loss (minoxidil) found in the Keranique Hair Regrowth System. This system visibly thickens hair and revitalizes hair follicles to grow hair naturally.
  • Minimizing friction by wrapping your hair in a satin or silk scarf is a great way to prevent further breakage. This material doesn’t absorb the oils from your hair, making it ideal to keep your hair moisturized and healthy.

This article is not intended to treat any disease or offer a substitution for professional medical advice.

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