Did you know that your diet plays an important role in hair loss? There are certain vitamins and minerals that can help you grow a healthy head of hair, and keep it.

Here are some types of food to keep in mind if you are trying to grow thick, luscious hair.

  1. Protein: Hair is made up of 90% protein, so a diet high in protein is important for healthy locks. A well-rounded western diet usually contains enough protein to support hair growth, but adding meats and animal products is a great way to boost your intake.
  2. Vitamin C: Vitamin C is an important component of scalp and follicle health, and is essential when preventing hair loss. A diet high in Vitamin C, combined with foods high in Vitamin E, boost circulation to the scalp, and encourage hair growth.
  3. Vitamin A: Did you know that a Vitamin A deficient can actually cause hair loss? Vitamin A promotes the growth of healthy cells, including the scalp and hair.
  4. Silica: Silica is an important component in the growth and development of bones and hair. It is thought that consuming an adequate amount of silica can help prevent baldness, and is easily found in common fruits, vegetables, and grains.
  5. Copper: The human body requires a very small amount of copper to function, but that small amount is huge when looking at hair growth. It is believed that sufficient amounts of copper and zinc stimulate hair growth and thickness. These two minerals should be ingested together, but with caution. Too much copper can be toxic to the human body, so be careful to watch how much you are using.
  6. Sulphur:  Sulphur is a mineral that can be found in all human cells, but specifically, hair and nails. Often referred to as a “mineral for beauty,” sulphur helps to increase circulation and hair growth. The first signs of a sulphur deficiency are often hair loss and brittle nails, as well as dry and dull skin. Sulphur can easily be found in protein-rich foods like meat, eggs, and legumes.
  7. Iron: Iron allows the blood to transport oxygen, which is essential in hair growth. If a hair follicle is denied the appropriate amount of oxygen, it may not function normally. It is believed that anemia, or iron deficiency, is the leading cause of pre-menopausal hair loss in women. On top of eating a diet high in iron rich foods, many women would benefit from an additional daily iron supplement.

Health and beauty start on the inside and a full head of hair can be viewed as a sign of internal health. On top of a well-rounded, hair-friendly diet, use our Keranique line of products which contain Minoxidil or Arginine and will help you regain that beautiful head of hair you once enjoyed!

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