Female Hair Loss in Your 20s
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Female Hair Loss in Your 20s

As little girls, we listen to stories about Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel. We watch princess movies and see those beautiful images on the screen … gorgeous, thick hair. Hair flowing past their shoulders and glistening in the sun. Perfect and glorious. Then, we watch Disney movies like Tangled and are sung into delirium […]

Keranique Hair Loss Regrowth System
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Pop Star Debbie Gibson on Hair Loss & Keranique

Like many women, Debbie Gibson began to notice her hair thinning out and just couldn’t figure out why. After trying out hair extensions and quickly realizing they weren’t for her, she turned to good ole’ Google. With a quick search of the words “hair regrowth” she came across Keranique. Debbie Gibson was recently interviewed by […]

Bauman Medical
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Meet Hair Loss Expert Dr. Bauman

Keranique teamed up with Board-Certified Hair Restoration Expert Dr. Alan J. Bauman to offer educational information as well as complementary hair evaluations to women concerned about hair loss during Cosmoprof in Las Vegas. Cosmoprof is the largest and most awarded beauty business show in the Americas. See special limited time offer from Dr. Bauman and […]