Mr. Myer smiled a lot. He had a big toothy grin and ever-red cheeks. For a junior high math teacher, he had a fantastic disposition. The seventh-grade terrible humor and goofy jokes never put him in a bad mood.

He even let the class tease him and ask him all sorts of questions … like what sort of hair gel he liked to use. Oh, my word. The hair gel was epic. Super duper crusty and unforgettable.

You see, Mr. Myer had a comb-over. That rock-hard hair gel was strategically used to lock his hair into place over the bald dome of his head. It was like his own personal hard hat … made of hair.

Rock-hard hair gel, strategically used to lock a mans hair into place over the bald dome of his head.

You may be thinking it was the most extreme combover a girl would ever see. But, lawdy would you be wrong .. really wrong. 

Imagine this: You are straight out of college with the worst job ever, working for a B-rated finance company. In that place, you learn how to do oodles of paperwork, make collection calls, and what it feels like to develop acid reflux. 

You are sitting at your front desk post answering phones and greeting people when he walks in. Your manager is out for a while and the sub has just arrived. And he has seemingly transported the world’s longest combover with him.

Now, imagine if you will, fuzzy strawberry blonde hair with curls at the ends. The entire head appears to be covered in hair. Indeed it is covered in hair. Hair that was parted about an inch and a half above the nape of his neck and combed up, up, still further up, and forward.

Once the hair was combed from the back of his head, it then went over the top of his head and swirled around to appear like bang-type things. (Yes, that is the best description a person can muster for it.) He, too, used hair products to hold his style in place. More than likely, he used hairspray as his weapon of choice. 

That combover was constructed of no less than twelve inches of hair. Twelve inches, people! All in the name of covering up a completely bald crown. 

What if either of those people had been a female? Think about that. Do you know any females who use a combover to camouflage a balding crown? 

Women wear hats. Women wear strategically placed scarves and headbands. Women try variations of buns and ponytails placed in just the right spot to cover those places where the hair just won’t grow. 

Adjusting your hair to cover a balding crown is a temporary solution to what is often a long-term problem. You don’t want to cover up your thinning crown, you want to fix it. What you really want is for your hair to fill back in.

Before discussing what can be done about this frustrating dilemma, something else must be discussed. How did you get here? What caused your hair to thin on your crown in the first place?

What Causes Hair to Thin at the Crown?

Your hair may begin thinning at the crown without you having a clue that it is happening for quite some time. Unless you regularly brush your hair away from the crown of your head while you are also holding a mirror, you probably can’t see what is going on.

It is probably happening gradually. More and more hair is falling out and less is growing back in. Yep. Your hair is thinning and you are blissfully unaware.

One day, you may notice that your hair is becoming more brittle and your hairline is creeping further away from your eyebrows. 

What on earth? What is happening on my head? Uhh … Am I turning into a man and having a mid-life crisis?

Nope. Ladies lose their hair, too. And it isn’t just a few women who experience hair loss. Over half of all women will have the pleasure of losing their hair. That’s a whole lotta ladies.

When your hairline begins to migrate north, it is a rather unfortunate indicator that you are in the first stages of hair loss. It also means that you better start to look further and examine your crown. Your hair is probably falling out there, as well. 

There is a pesky culprit that causes hair to just quit growing, DHT. The presence of DHT basically destroys the happy little home that once produced your hair. Now those happy homes, otherwise known as hair follicles, are weak and damaged because that’s what DHT does to your hair follicles. It makes it nearly impossible for hair to keep growing. 

DHT molecule that basically destroys the happy little home that once produced your hair.

It just so happens that the hair on the top of the head gets hit by the effects of DHT first. Yep. DHT can make you lose hair on the crown of your head. It doesn’t happen all at once, DHT causes your hair to thin gradually until that thinning occurs over the entire top of your head.

But it’s not just DHT that causes your hair to thin. Your hair can begin falling out for several other reasons. Those reasons include:

  • Certain medications
  • Hair pulled up too tightly
  • A stressful event (surgery, job loss, etc.)
  • Thyroid issues
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • A recent pregnancy
  • Androgenic Alopecia
  • Fibrosing Alopecia
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Excessive heat from hair tools
  • Lupus 
  • Nutritional deficiencies

Now that you know all of the things that may be causing you to lose your hair, let’s discuss what you can do to regrow hair at your crown. 

Regrowing Hair at the Crown

You do have options if you’re developing an unsightly bald spot on your crown. No lady wants to lose her hair. You gotta fight to get your hair back, ladies!

Medical Options for Regrowing Hair

The top two contenders in this category are finasteride and minoxidil. Both of these options have been medically proven to address the cause of hair loss and encourage the hair to begin growing again.

Finasteride is also known by the brand name Propecia. Finasteride works on the evils of DHT. It hones in on the enzyme that converts DHT to testosterone. Because finasteride has the ability to stop that enzyme in its tracks, it lowers your levels of DHT. It’s that simple fact which keeps your hair follicles from withering away to practically nothing.

Finasteride molecular composition that converts DHT. It hones in on the enzyme that converts DHT to testosterone.

The great news about finasteride is that it works for about 90% of people who use it. 

Minoxidil is second on the list. It’s also better known by its brand name of Rogaine. Minoxidil works in a completely different way than finasteride. It works by stimulating blood flow to that area on your head, making your hair follicles healthier. That blood flow means nutrients and oxygen are being carried to the hair follicles and that enhances those follicles’ capacity to produce hair.

Minoxidil molecular makeup, works in a completely different way than finasteride. It works by stimulating blood flow to that area on your head, making your hair follicles healthier.

It may not work quite as well as finasteride, but minoxidil still works to prevent more hair loss in about six out of ten people.

The Power Couple. Finasteride and minoxidil work together to prevent more hair loss and encourage more hair to grow by both inhibiting DHT and increasing blood flow.

Natural Options for Hair Regrowth

Natural food Options for Hair Regrowth.

Coconut oil and fenugreek seeds can be mixed together and massaged into the scalp and hair three times a week.

Honey, olive oil, and cinnamon can be mixed together, applied to the scalp, and massaged into the scalp. Leave it on for about twenty-five minutes and rinse with warm water for best results.

Olive oil and cumin seeds can be steeped for about thirty minutes. Then, you apply the mix to your scalp and massage in at bedtime. Wrap your head in a shower cap and sleep with the mixture in your hair. Shampoo out the next morning.

Egg yolks and olive oil can be mixed together, applied to hair, and massaged in. Leave in for twenty minutes and rinse with water

Dried gooseberries and coconut oil is a bit more involved. First you will warm the coconut oil and add dried gooseberries. Let that cool, apply it to the hair, and massage it well. Leave it on for thirty minutes.

Onion juice can be applied to the scalp and left on for thirty minutes. Then, you just rinse with water.

Massage that scalp. All of these natural remedies have one thing in common: a scalp massage. Massaging your scalp encourages blood flow that carries the nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles. A well-nourished and oxygenated hair follicle is a happier hair follicle.

The Right Combination

Hair needs to be nourished and the follicles need to be stimulated. Finding a program for your hair that will do all of that means using the right shampoos and conditioners, as well as taking the right supplements to encourage hair growth. 

Keranique has the perfect solution for regrowing hair at your crown. Keranique is the #1 system for regrowing women’s hair found on the market. And you can even try it for yourself at no risk because it comes with a 120-Day Money Back Guarantee

Keranique hair regrowth system containers.

The Keranique® Scalp Stimulating and Volumizing Keratin Conditioner provide you with a one-two punch for giving you amazing results

The Keranique Scalp Stimulating Shampoo is created specifically to deal with a woman’s thinning hair problem. Keranique’s formula is very gentle on the hair and scalp. It is fortified with proVitamin B5 and keratin. It removes buildup and stimulates the scalp to encourage hair growth while nourishing and thickening the hair.

The follicles need to be cleared of all the excess buildup so the Volumizing Keratin Conditioner can do its job of fortifying, volumizing and thickening the hair. When your hair is thinning it’s important to achieve all of these things without adding extra weight to the hair.

After shampooing and conditioning, you’ll want to use the Keranique® Hair Regrowth Treatment. It features the only FDA-Approved ingredient that has been clinically proven to encourage the re-growth of women’s hair. That is fantastic news, ladies!

Don’t use this treatment unless you are a woman who is serious about finding a long-term solution for your thinning hair. Keranique Regrowth Treatment is kind of like a magic wand for your hair. 

It contains ingredients that actually reactivate those hair follicles that were nearly dead, making them stronger and helping them to grow new hair once again. Incorporating this into your morning and evening routine will result in thicker, fuller, healthier hair.

You can’t forget the styling products. Who makes styling products that help with your objective of regrowing your hair? Keranique, of course. 

The Keranique® Lift & Repair Treatment Spray works in high humidity, which is of great value to a woman whose hair seems to be stuck to her scalp with even a freckle of moisture in the air or droplet of sweat. The formula clings to every strand and wraps it in protection to repair damage and prevent further damage from heated styling tools. 

The spray can be used with your hairdryer and to finish your style. This magic spray makes your hair shinier and stronger as it mends almost all of your split ends while sealing the hair shaft. 

More than likely, you are lacking in a vitamin or two and need to nourish your hair from the inside out. Fortunately, Kerviatin is an excellent supplement for regrowing a woman’s thinning hair. 

Every bottle of Kerviatin contains vitamins, minerals, and nutrients specifically formulated for making the hair stronger, healthier and shinier. Keranique’s Curcumin C3 Complex and black pepper extract are used together to increase its absorption rate by twenty times that of using curcumin alone. Nobody else can offer this patented blend.

In Conclusion …

You can try minoxidil and finasteride, onion juice, or any of the other natural combinations in an attempt to regrow hair. You absolutely have that option. Or you can give Keranique a try because you literally have nothing to lose … except a growing bald spot.

Keranique would love to be your go-to resource for all things hair. Every woman deserves hair she can be proud of. Please SHARE with your friends and family who may be interested in the Keranique Hair Regrowth System and want to learn more about how it works!

Remember: Please Take Care of Your Hair and Don’t Forget to Take Care of You!

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