To grow healthy hair, it’s important to take care of the source – your scalp. Without a healthy scalp, you may notice your hair growing slower or more brittle. This can lead to dry hair that is prone to breakage in the long run.

Take care and prep your scalp for healthy hair growth by incorporating a scalp massager into your routine. Still on the fence? Here are 5 benefits of using a scalp massager!

Increased Blood Flow 

Massaging your scalp helps increase blood flow and promotes better circulation making your hair follicles stronger – the stronger the follicle, the stronger your hair will be. Using a scalp massager can also help stretch the follicle to increase the thickness of your hair.

Hair Growth 

Dreaming of longer locks? When you take care of your scalp, you make way for healthier, stronger hair growth. Using a scalp massager in your weekly routine can help your hair grow faster and thicker.


Do you suffer from tension headaches? Do you notice that your scalp feels sore after being pulled back for long periods of time? You’re not alone. Massaging your scalp can help alleviate the tension in your scalp and along your hair line. Frequent massages can even help stop tension before it starts.

Removes Unwanted Buildup 

Massaging your scalp can gently remove follicle clogging debris like dead skin cells, sweat, oils and product buildup. As an added bonus, your hair care products will be able to work more efficiently so you see results faster and won’t need to wash as often.


Using a scalp massager is a quick and easy way to relieve stress and relax. Too much stress can hinder hair growth and even promote hair loss. This simple step in your hair care routine feels great and many women find that they are more at ease after massaging their scalp. You may even find yourself getting better sleep.

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