Have you noticed your hair doesn’t look or feel as strong and soft lately? You’re not alone. Many women experience hair damage at some point in their lives. Using hot tools without protection can cause dryness, making hair lose its luster. Using harsh chemicals can weaken the bonds in your hair and strip the natural protective oils. And, intense chemicals and treatments like bleach, hair dye, and chemical relaxers can all damage your hair. Learn more on the six signs that your hair may be damaged – and how to treat it.

Frizzy hair

Excessive frizz can be a sign that hair has become dry and potentially damaged. Frizz can result from excessive use of heated styling tools without adequate heat protection used. Frizz can also be caused by weather changes impacting the balance of moisture in the hair. To try and prevent your hair from drying out, you can maintain adequate moisture levels in your hair throughout the day by applying a moisturizing mist. This can help aid hair when it starts to look dried out and frizzy by keeping the moisture balanced.

Brittle hair

Those who bleach their hair frequently or use heat-styling tools may be prone to hair becoming brittle. If your hair feels crunchy or has a straw-like appearance, you may have damage. Incorporating a hair care system designed to protect and regrow hair into your routine can make your hair stronger.


Damaged hair is prone to breakage since the strands have become weakened. Signs of frequent hair breakage are hair that breaks off easily when brushing it and noticing short hairs spread throughout the hair due to hair breaking off.

Split ends

Damaged hair may be prone to frayed ends. Damaged hair can often peel from the ends due to it becoming dry, causing the bonds within the strands to split. This peeling further weakens and thins the hair strands leading to an increased risk for breakage. A way to help reduce the risk of developing split ends is to get frequent hair trims and use a hair treatment spray that helps to seal split ends.

Hair thinning

When hair becomes thin, this can be a sign that it is falling out and not growing in quickly enough to replace the amount that was lost. Hair thinning can be caused by insufficient circulation to the scalp which impacts the hair follicles. This lack of adequate circulation to the scalp can be caused by wearing hair in tight hairstyles and not changing them enough to give each section of hair a break in order to return proper blood flow to the area. Nourishing the scalp by using products that are gentle and moisturizing can help to keep it from becoming dried out and irritated. This can help keep the hair follicles healthy so that hair is more likely to grow back healthier.

Loss of shine

When hair is shiny, it’s a sign that it is well moisturized and balanced. Hair that has become dull often signifies dryness and potential damage. When hair loses shine this can mean it has become dried out and requires more hydration in order to replenish it to restore balance. Helping hair maintain adequate moisture can return the shine.

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