For those lazy days when you don’t have people to see and places to go, you might not have a strong desire to go all out on your hairstyle. We get it. This is your day to relax and recharge without the extra effort and stress. But this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a great hair day.

Instead of choosing between your full routine or throwing in the towel altogether, try a simple hairstyle that will leave you feel cute and comfy on your lazy days.

Low ponytail

A classic, yet incredibly simple hairstyle that only requires a hair tie or scrunchie. You can pull all of your hair back or leave a few face framing pieces out to customize this look. For lazy days, we recommend a loose ponytail to give your scalp a break and increase comfort for all day wear. If you’re feeling a little extra, add some texturizing hair mousse so that no hairs are left out of place.

Messy bun

A lazy day favorite. The messy bun is low effort and can be achieved in 30 seconds or less. There are many ways to create a messy bun, but one of our favorite ways it to gather your hair, twist it together, and then secure it with a hair tie or clip.

Beachy waves

Prefer to let your hair down? Try a beachy wave look. This hairstyle can be achieved with just a small amount of styling spray and scrunching it into the hair to form soft waves.


Styling your hair in a simple braid is a great way to keep it securely in place and out of your face. Plus, there are endless ways to braid your hair and styles to choose from. If you aren’t sure how to get started, try searching tutorials online to learn how to do all types of braids.

Half up half down

If you want to leave your hair down but also want it out of your face, half up half down is the best of both worlds. To achieve this look you can take a small section of hair from each side of the front of the head and pull it back into a small ponytail, braid, or bun.

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