In order to maintain hair health, there is more to it than just taking a shower and keeping the knots out. Healthy, radiant hair that has your girlfriends asking, “Something’s different…have you had work done?” all starts at the scalp. A healthy scalp produces healthy hair that can enhance your confidence and natural beauty. An industry secret to a fresh from the salon look every day is through using an exfoliating scalp mask. Your scalp is the foundation for healthy hair.

Itchy Scalp 

If you notice that you are scratching your scalp often and find flakes of dandruff, this is a great reason to look into an exfoliating mask. An itchy scalp can come from stress, seasons changing, and a build up of oils on the skin. By using a mask, the scalp is able to be cleansed and the symptoms of an itchy scalp minimized. 


Something that usually comes with an itchy scalp is dandruff. Dandruff is not only unsightly when it lands on your shoulders, but it also makes hair look dull and dirty—even when it’s freshly washed. Cleaning the scalp regularly with an exfoliant can often help reduce dandruff and its symptoms. 


Hair naturally produces oil, it helps keep it shiny and healthy looking. However, there are times when the hair will produce excess oil because it is being stripped by a harsh shampoo too frequently. When this happens the hair appears more oily and dirty. Try switching to another shampoo to stretch the amount of time between washes to let your hair balance out. Use an exfoliating scalp mask once per week during this time to help your scalp adjust. 

Dry Scalp 

Another reason that your hair may be producing excess oil is due to the scalp actually being dry. When the scalp tries to compensate for a lack of hydration, an oil imbalance might result. This happens frequently when a person is using a hair product with too much fragrance. A scalp mask can help soothe the scalp and help the hair get the nutrients that it has been lacking to have the healthy look everyone wants. 

Increase blood circulation

In order for hair to grow, there needs to be proper blood circulation to the scalp. There are many ways to get the blood circulation to the scalp, and the first step is making sure that it is clean. One of the best practices you can use is a scalp massager, and pair this with the exfoliating mask. If there is anything the mask had missed in terms of build-up, the massager can help and vice versa. 

Less Likely for Thinning Hair 

Without properly exfoliating the scalp, clogged pores are bound to happen. When these pores are clogged, the hair cannot properly grow, and even lead to hair thinning and shedding. Using a mask that is for clearing the scalp of what clogs the pores helps prevent your hair from thinning. 

Hair Growth

Overall, if you are having problems with your hair growing this may be because of improper care. By nourishing your scalp with an exfoliating mask, you’re giving your follicles the best environment to hold onto the growth phase for longer before shedding. Hair loss can be a complicated problem to solve, so if you’re looking to dip your toe into hair care products that can help support hair growth, an exfoliating scalp mask could be a good first step. 

Product Buildup 

It has already been mentioned how oils and dandruff can be the culprits of clogging these pores. If you find yourself using leave-in conditioner, hydrating mists, heat protectant and other serums, you might end up with damaging product buildup. Products are not always meant to sit in the hair and need to be properly removed, especially when mixing brands and products not intended to work together. Definitely consider using an exfoliating scalp mask weekly if you use multiple products when styling your hair. 

If this is a new practice for you, remember to start off gently, you are not sure how your skin will react to the mask. Also, try starting on small sections of the scalp and work through it. Exfoliating does not need to be done daily to see its results, and overall, it depends on your hair. Exfoliating frequently can disrupt your hair’s natural cycle, so make sure you are spacing it out. If you are doing a hair mask more than once a week, it may be more beneficial to wait a little longer so you can see the results and healthier hair. 

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