As the weather is warms up, you spend more time outside to soak in the summer before chilly autumn days roll in. Without proper protection, the sun can damage your hair and speed up hair thinning and hair loss. 

Sun Damage 

Lots of people enjoy the fact that in the summer, their hair color tends to get lighter. In truth, this can be a sign of sun damage. Hair that is facing sun damage forms split ends and appears brittle and frizzy. If you notice that your hair is no longer holding a curl or style and is drying quickly after a shower or a dip in the pool, it might be the result of sun damage. Here are some ways to avoid sun damaged hair this summer:

Early Start

Similar to how you want to protect your skin from the sun, the best way to protect your hair is by going out early in the morning or later at night. This is because the UV rays being emitted from the sun are not as strong and can’t do as much damage as it would in the afternoon. The sun can act as bleach to the hair, which is why it gets lighter, stripping the color from the hair. Try to avoid extended periods of time outside when the sun is at its highest point in the sky.

Head Cover 

Using a head cover is the best possible practice to avoid sun damaged hair. Anything can be used as a head cover, between a classic beach hat, a baseball cap or even a scarf. You can also use a shirt or towel over your head if you want to get the sun directly off your hair for a bit of time poolside. This is also great so you can work on your tan while avoiding a scalp burn. Umbrellas are a great relief from the sun at the beach and at home as well so take advantage! 

Dry Shampoo 

Washing your hair every day has been proven to be a bad practice because it strips your hair from its natural oils. While you may find yourself sweating more often in the summer due to the heat, try to avoid shampooing even if you shower every day. When you wash your hair too often, the hair will be more vulnerable to sun damage. The use of dry shampoo helps protect the hair and gets rid of the greasy look between washes. 

Coconut Oil 

Swimming is a great pastime in the summer, it helps you stay cool and get some exercise. However, the chemicals that are in the pool are not good for hair health. Chlorine on top of direct light from the sun can do even more damage to your hair. A way to help this is by applying coconut oil to the hair and scalp which will act as a protectant from the chlorine and other chemicals in the pool. Another alternative is using a swim cap so you can protect your hairstyle from pool water, and from the sun’s rays. 


If you suffer from thin hair or hair that is already brittle, it would be beneficial to strengthen your hair before exposing it repeatedly to the sun. This can be done through supplements. These supplements contain vitamins necessary in strengthening hair follicles and a healthy scalp, helping it become more resilient when sun damage occurs. 

Hair Masks

The use of hair masks are great at getting rid of scalp build up so hair can continue to grow. These also give your hair and scalp nutrients that the sun may be taking from your hair. Furthermore, the use of a hair mask regularly can add a protective layer for future days spent in the sun. If you haven’t tried a hair mask yet, try one out this summer.

Hydrating Products 

Moisturized hair is the healthiest hair, which the sun will dry up with constant exposure. So if you are someone who does not want to wear a hat this summer, try a hydrating shampoo and conditioner instead. This is a great way to help protect your hair from the heat. This will also help limit the feeling of needing to wash your hair so often. 

Using a combination of these products and tips will help ensure that you have healthy and beautiful hair all summer long. Get a head start on implementing some of these practices into your routine so you head into summer with some protection from the sun! 

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