When it comes to regrowing hair, it does not have to be a difficult process full of chemicals and serums. While certain products do help on occasion, there are very simple steps you can implement into your hair care routine to help your hair grow longer and stronger. 

Regular Trimming 

While it may seem like a paradox, your hair will have a healthier growth cycle if you get it cut regularly. This is because the hair goes through three stages; antigen, catagen and telogen. The third stage is what leads to split ends, thin hair and the hair breakage. If you get a trim regularly, it can help lengthen the time that the hair enters into that last stage so it will continue to look healthy and grow faster. When you get your hair trimmed, be sure to communicate to your hair stylist that you’re working on growing your hair out and that you only want about an inch taken off. Doing this regularly will help transform your hair’s appearance. 

Hydration is Key 

There are many different ways to keep your hair hydrated. Keranique has a set of hydration shampoo and conditioner formulated for people who struggle with thinning hair to grow healthier, stronger, healthier hair. On top of using these products in the shower, there are other ways to hydrate your hair. You can use aloe vera on your hair follicles because it is rich in vitamins that are needed for cell regeneration and aloe also contains collagen which will help protect hair against the sun.  

Scalp Massage 

Those scalp massagers that you see in the checkout line at stores can actually help you regrow your hair. This is due to multiple reasons. Regular scalp massages can help you relax, and can even become a stress mitigation strategy. As you may know, being stressed for long periods of time is a huge contributor to hair loss. The best time to add scalp massage into your routine is before going to bed a couple nights a week. Another reason a scalp massage can contribute to hair growth is that the increased blood circulation invigorates hair follicles, leading to better hair growth. 

Limit Heat Styling 

Plenty of people style their hair before going about their day, and lots of them use a straightener or a curling iron. Both of these use heat to style the hair, which when used too much can be damaging. Overusing heat on the hair affects the moisture that is important to the hair. A way to avoid this is by using a heat protectant that can work with the temperature of your hair stylers.

Less Coloring 

Platinum hair is becoming a popular trend over the past couple years, but is actually damaging to hair growth. People with dark hair that go to lighter colors by using bleach can damage hair and stunt hair growth. When this is done frequently, the damage is compounded, so the less bleach or other chemicals used to lighten dark hair, the better your hair will grow. 

Cooler Showers

Sometimes a nice hot shower is needed after a long day, but did you know hot showers are not the best for your hair? When water is kept at a high temperature, it dehydrates the skin and hurts the hair. So when washing your hair, make sure the temperature is on the cooler side. It will even give your hair a shiny finish. You can even combine the scalp massage with this step to help your hair grow! 

Gentle Brushing 

Knots are a frustrating part of growing hair longer, especially when it has a curly texture. As you brush your hair, try to make sure you are conditioning it appropriately, and even try using a hair mask. If you are combing through your hair aggressively, you might be pulling hair out that is in its growing phase. A way to avoid this is instead of brushing down, try brushing up. 

Caffeine Treatments

That energy you get after your morning cup of coffee works the same way with hair products that have caffeine in them. This doesn’t mean you need to drink more coffee, that is not how this works. Results from caffeine infused hair products take a few months to see but research has shown that it helps blood flow to the scalp, which helps with hair growth. 

Balanced Diet 

Don’t think that you can just use serums and frequent trims to encourage hair growth. If your body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs, your hair, skin and nails will all suffer. Maintaining a balanced diet gives you all the necessary vitamins needed to help keep hair healthy.

Hair growth is not something that happens overnight, but over time. Still, these tips and techniques are great ways to help encourage hair growth. With some of these routine choices, try pairing them with some safe hair products! 

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