Getting engaged can be one of the most exciting times in a bride’s life—planning the wedding is another story! In preparation for the big day, everything is planned to a tee. . Venues need to be set up, guests need to be invited, and food and music has to be decided on, in addition to a thousand other things. It’s a celebration of a relationship being taken to the next level in life, so no wonder this event can be one of the most important milestones! The way a bride looks on her wedding day is the result of hours of contemplation and work to piece it all together from the dress, to the makeup, and of course, the hair.

Hairstyles can come in different shapes and sizes, especially for momentous occasions like weddings. Picking your hairstyle should take into account whether you want all or some hair out of your face, how the hairstyle clashes or compliments your dress, and what’s possible with your length and texture. At the end of the day, a bride could spend hours in the hairstylist’s chair and still not be happy with the look—it’s more important to feel comfortable and pretty during your special day than it is to have an intricate hairstyle that is hair sprayed so much, you might think it’s glued down!. There are hairstyles that are simple yet very appropriate and beautiful for weddings that will take your guests’ breath away. Here are some simple bridal hairstyle ideas that can help you feel more confident on your wedding day:

Messy Bun

Some hairstyles, like the messy bun, go great with many different kinds of events. They can be used at family gatherings, work events, parties, and even weddings. Messy Buns are not an old concept, and sometimes going classic is the best option. One major misconception about hairstyles for important events nowadays is that everything needs to flow exactly right and not “have a hair out of place.” This is not the case for this particular style, as stylists describe it as being “chic” and even “playful.” Keeping this in mind, one may have a carefree or playful personality and would want to express that not just through attire, but through the top of one’s head. This style is versatile so any attachments, decorative accessories, or even additions like braids can go well with it.

Classic Updo

Another tried-and-true style that can be brought back is the classic updo. Much like the messy bun, this style has a lot of versatility to offer. Different variations, whether they are more modern or on the classic side pair well with wedding dresses that have a higher neckline Brides can add anything from decorative headbands to ribbons to enhance their style. Updos have the added benefit of being resilient under pressure and are able to stay in place for lengthy occasions like weddings. Once more, different styles can be added onto the updo like braids and chignons to change things up or for a more styled or voluminous approach. 


Long bobs, or lobs, have seen their fair share in the spotlight with celebrities often sporting them for events due to their versatility. Lobs are among some of the styles that have been shown off more recently by the millennial generation specifically. The lob gets its name from combining the words ‘long’ and ‘bob’, meaning it is a long bob! It doesn’t require a huge amount of maintenance or preparation to show off, making it simple and easy to do when other important preparations need to be made. This style can be used by practically anyone as it works well with different hair types and face shapes. Whether one’s hair is straight, curly, or wavy, a variation of a lob can best fit any one of them with a few styling touches.

High Ponytail

A high ponytail can be a stunning hairstyle, especially if you have short hair. This kind of ponytail can be both unique and beautiful, as the ponytail isn’t traditionally work at a wedding. Ponytails can be customized in pattern and shape to go together with any sort of preference in mind, especially if you opt to install a ponytail extension for a long, dramatic look channeling Ariana Grande. Depending on how the bride wants to look, the ponytail can be either thicker or smaller by changing how the hair flows around the rest of the head or loosening up or tightening certain sections. Already existing hair characteristics like bangs, braids, and curls can be worked into this style either from the front, the sides, or the back accompanying the ponytail. 

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