Wavy hair is one of the most sought-after hairstyles for women everywhere. And how could it not with its curly appeal and vibrancy. From television to magazines, this hairstyle has appeared everywhere and for all kinds of occasions and events. Wavy hair is a great new hairstyle to get, especially with a new season beginning. So how does one obtain it exactly? 

How to Obtain and Maintain

The answer to obtain wavy hair not only involves styling and creating wavy hair, but also how to maintain it.

How to Get Waves

Wavy hair, depending on what kind of style you want, can be achieved through several methods. One method is braiding, which works great with loose or beachy waves. First, one should wash and dry hair with a towel, not a blowdryer. Next, apply a hair mousse with texturizing elements and run it through the mid-lengths and ends of hair with fingers. It’s important to avoid putting mousse or other stylizing products into roots as this can cause hair to look greasy. Once this is done, braid hair according to what kind of curls are wanted. The more numerous the braids, the tighter the curls will be. Sleep with these braids and in the morning, release them using fingers and not a brush or comb.

Another method to use is styling using heat. This method works for more polished and glossy waves. To begin, wash your hair with not a large amount of shampoo or conditioner as a large amount can actually weigh hair down more and prevent more defined curls from occurring. Next, if you want looser waves, it’s best to let your hair dry by itself. If you want  a look with more volume, you’ll get the best results blow drying instead. The tool that creates waves easily and quickly is the curling wand. After holding for 3-5 seconds on small sections of your hair, you should then use your fingers to loosen the curls to create the tousled wave effect. The process is finished by using a light hold hairspray mist.

How to Keep Waves

Once waves are achieved, naturally most want to keep the style for as long as they can. Hair is versatile but is therefore prone to unintentionally changing or becoming messy. There are a few ways to help maintain wavy styles longer to avoid hassle and frustration. Firstly, brushing carefully is a must when handling wavy hair. This hair type is unfortunately fragile and very vulnerable to breaking or tangling. This can be remedied by using a wide tooth comb along with limiting the amount of brushing sessions. If hair does end up getting tangled, using a detangling curl cream before brushing should mostly solve the problem.

Another way to help safeguard wavy hairstyles is making sure it is moisturized. Regular shampoo and conditioner may leave hair drier than it once was and can lead to a decrease in lushness and tidiness. Instead, using a moisturizing shampoo along with a conditioner of the same type can not only keep hair from drying out but will also not weigh hair down as much to keep it having a more vibrant appearance. Unfortunately, curly or wavy hair uses more product than others which can cause dullness or product buildup. Once per week, a clarifying shampoo can help with product buildup and more unnecessary dirt or grime. 

Wavy Hairstyles

There are several different kinds of wavy styles to choose from. One style is nicknamed “Hollywood Waves.” This gets its name from the countless celebrities that have shown this style off during Hollywood or red carpet events. Hollywood waves can be described as being full of volume, thick, slick, and tidy. It’s usually associated with medium-long and long hair. Another style to pick out is called loose wavy. Although it is a bit of a more classical style, it still works great with its soft, full, and tousled appearance. 

Beachy waves are a similar style to loose waves but with small differences. Beachy has more of a dry texture, more specifically a kind of dry that were to happen if seawater was involved, hence the name. It also appears less tidy and more free roaming than loose wavy. Trendy waves, a very popular look that you’ll often see on Instagram, go better with short hair types or medium to long bobs. This style appears more “sharp” with the short cut and works great with practically any choice of outfit. In addition, using a hair styling mousse is a plus.

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