Sometimes hairstyles can get boring and it is time to switch it up. A great way to change up your everyday look is by going with a different color than you are used to. This can be done in different ways. Lots of people think that in order to color their hair, the only option is to dye it. If you believe this to be your only option, read on to read about Hair Glazes and how they are different to dying your hair. 

Hair Gloss 

There are actually a few different types of hair treatments you can get when you want to add color to your hair. One type is called a hair gloss. Usually this is done at a hair salon and goes into the roots to create a new shine to your hair. This can also be done at home, similar to a hair mask.

Hair Glaze 

If you’re worried about how permanent coloring your hair is, you’re not wrong. Bleaching your hair and even coloring it deep, dark colors can be nearly impossible to lift Another option that can spruce up your look is a hair glaze, which is not permanent. Over time it will eventually wash out. It is very similar to a gloss, but they last varying amounts of time. 

It is reported that because a Hair Glaze does not contain ammonia or peroxide, the hair doesn’t hold the color as well and tends to last about two weeks. In comparison,  a Gloss can hold color in the hair for about a month. You can also get a clear hair glaze which will give your hair a nice shine if that is what you are looking for!


The benefits of using a Hair Gloss or Glaze are simple. These temporary hair color treatments can be used as a great trial run to see what color you could potentially like in your hair. If you decide to make the leap to a more permanent look, you’ll know what you’re in for. Also, using a glaze treatment will make your hair look shiny and healthier, and there are no damaging chemicals in it, and will act as a deep conditioner while helping hair frizz and help limit the annoying flyaways. Glazes also help with giving your hair a thicker look, so it could pair well with the Keranique Deep Hydration Shampoo


Similar to boxed hair dye, there are hair glazes that can be used at home. They are sold from different vendors. Make sure to follow directions to properly apply or make an appointment with your hairdresser to try something new in your hair! 

Dying Chemicals 

The reason that color stays in your hair is due to the chemicals that are in the dye itself. Ammonia and Peroxide work to get rid of the color of your hair originally, and the pH needs to be higher than normal to take the color. Changing your hair’s pH like this can be damaging, since it is not supposed to rise, having a drying effect. Your natural hair color is stripped away, which is why your hair could appear less vibrant once being dyed. 


Boxed dye from a grocery store will give you a new hair color without breaking the bank. However, this is not always the smartest move. People can have allergic reactions to hair dye, which is not something that is always considered. The allergic reactions can come from the ammonia in certain dyes. Though, there are ammonia-free hair dyes that can help limit reactions and will not raise the pH levels, which can help make dying hair at home safer. 

Professional Opinion 

If you are getting sick of your average everyday look, changing your hair is a good way to spice things up. Though, a great first step is talking to your hairdresser about your opinions when it comes to coloring. For those with dark hair, going light could be very detrimental to your hair. So asking a professional’s opinion on what hair coloring technique is right for you is a great way to weigh out your options. 

Consider the differences between a hair glaze and hair dye when looking to color your hair next. Both can be done at home, though a hair salon may be the better option in order to protect the health of your hair. If you are unsure of a color and how it would look on you, try a hair glaze which will wash out fairly quickly. Maybe you’ll find a look you can’t get sick of!

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