Generation Z is the generation where fashion, dances, music and more become trendy overnight and sometimes die out just as quickly. Fortunately or unfortunately, this applies to hairstyles as well. Some of what was popular last year is no longer in style, while old trends are making a comeback for 2022. Read on to stay up to date on what hairstyles you will be seeing more of throughout the year. 

Bottleneck Bangs 

While bangs were in, then out, and now in, there are certain bang looks that will be seen a lot more this year. These are called bottleneck bangs which start slim by the roots and fan out as they move down to the eyebrows and the ears. These are longer bangs that shape the face around the cheeks and look great with natural hair. If you are looking for a look to bring you back to the ‘seventies these types of bangs have that look. 

Vibrant Colors

Balayage and chunky highlights have been a hair trend in the past. Over the years these looks have been expanded upon. The evolution of hair coloring has brought us to move vibrant, unnatural hair colors. Many people are sporting an ombre look with bright colors like pink and violet on the ends which makes rich browns and blacks stand out. Others are also going full bright pink on the whole head as a way to express themselves. You can also play around with the bright look of copper. Remember, color treated hair must be protected. Reduce color loss from after process washing & protect hair color against fade!


This is definitely a look you have not heard of before—but the octopus is a popular hair inspiration for 2022. The hair gives off the long tentacles of an octopus since the top of the hair consists of shorter layers which get longer as you move further down the hair. The layers stick out as if they are tentacles, which is a new look to try out if you are feeling adventurous. 

Spiky Bun 

Trends that were popular years ago are making a comeback and people are really enjoying the nostalgia. In the early 2000s spiked hair was in. Lots of men took advantage of this look, and it is back, but better. Many celebrities have gone out with this spiked bun look. It would look nice with that old scrunchie and some butterfly clips, both of which are back. 

Pulled Back Braid 

Braids are always a nice way to change up your everyday hairstyle, but in 2022 it is time to get creative with this look. High ponytails are a craze as well, so this year it is time to combine the two. By pulling your hair into a tight ponytail and adding the braid to the ponytail, this is a great spin on two different classics. It is also a very versatile look. It can dress up a look for date night, or it works in securing your hair back for a workout! A pulled back high braid is a look that needs to be utilized and seen more this year. 


The mullet is a refreshing take on mixing a traditionally masculine look and making it feminine. Lots of different people have been spotted pulling off this old look, but they are a lot milder than they were when they first became popular way back when. What is great about this modern mullet look is that it does work with all face shapes. Many celebrities were seen with mullets in 2021, and the trend is not stopping this year. 

Natural Curls 

People have tried so hard to hide their natural curls with products and tools, going as far as chemically straightening hair. In 2022, this is all changing. Natural looks and curls are in, so there is no need to use damaging heat on your hair every day. This is the time to actually let your hair down! Using a curl preserve scalp nourishing shampoo helps, too!

Extra Long Ponytail 

Pulling your hair back into a ponytail is nothing groundbreaking, but in 2022, this look is coming back bigger and better. For those who like to keep their hair short, extensions, more specifically extra-long extensions are the key to this look. By installing these extensions into your hair, you will have more volume, texture, and room to style. Take advantage of this trend and see what extensions can do for your hair. 

As time goes on, hairstyles come and go. There will always be some that will stay, but in 2022 there are few styles that are new or have a new spin on them. Take this year as a sign to express yourself with new, healthier hair!

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