After awhile, the everyday routines become redundant. Some of these routines are inevitable, but there are ways we can change our lifestyles, moods, and even our appearance to help add some variation into our lives. We can change our workout regiments, change jobs, pick up new hobbies, or get a new haircut! A simple change in our appearance can have us looking and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Below we’ll share a few classic looks and hairstyles that you may want to explore the next time you want to change your everyday look.


There was a moment in time when bangs were losing their popularity. However, there has been a resurgence, showing they cannot be beat. Bangs give your hair that little extra bit of style and changes the everyday look. Bangs can also be styled in different ways. Blunt bangs are most popular which go straight across the forehead, but if desired can be angled, or even pinned up for that fun retro look.

Retro Curls

While time travel is not possible, it is nice to bring the past into the present. The old Hollywood hairstyles are gorgeous and there is something about them that are timeless. Wavy curls give you a sophisticated look. The look that would make you feel like the star of your own black and white movie. Try this hairstyle and see how you feel!

Pixie Cut

The Pixie cut is a style that has proven to withstand the hands of time. Many people pull this look off well. It is also a statement piece if going from long hair to a pixie cut. The weight is literally off your shoulders. Another positive to this look is that it is extremely low maintenance so it has an easy upkeep and shows off the features of your face.

Bob Hairstyle

Whether the bob is asymmetrical, long or French, all bobs have become a tried-and-true classic that packs a punch. This also gives you a range if you do not like a long bob, cut it shorter and you may like that look better. Some styles work better for certain face shapes for example: a long bob is better for a square face. An asymmetrical bob shows off your jawline and slims down the face, while the French bob flatters any hair color or texture, making it right for everyone!

Middle Part 

You can manipulate the part of your hair any way you want. The classic middle part can be dressed down or dressed up. A middle part with waves is a great every day or date night look. A middle part with straightened hair is as classic and simple as can be. Simple does not mean boring, rather it can mean polished and put together.


This is a wonderful way to spice up your hair when needing change. Layers give hair life and can be styled in many ways.  This look never goes out of style because they can be styled to fit your face. Because hair grows back, you can experiment with the layers that look best with your face without experiencing too much of a drastic change. They also give your hair a distinctive look when pulling it back into a ponytail or curling it.


Sometimes less is more. The shag hairstyle combines a messy bun, bangs, and layers and it has been in style for many years. Since multiple other styles are featured in this look, different hair textures, colors and even face shapes can support a shag. There is minimal maintenance that is needed for this look. It somehow works with any occasion, a night out or in!

Braids or Twists

Having braids or twists in your hair has many benefits for the long run. With this look, the hair stays in its most natural state, which is healthy. Many people over-wash their hair which removes the natural fortifying oils in hair. When you wear your hair in braids, it limits the amount of washing one will do to their hair. This look is classy and simple, and when your hair is in the braids or twists, it stays that way for quite a bit of time, how convenient! Note: The Intensive Overnight Hair repair serum works while you sleep to promote thicker & fuller hair all while in a braid!


Last, but certainly not least is the beloved ponytail. This look will never go out of style because there are so many different ways to do this. It is a versatile look that is reliable in pulling your hair away from your face. Many celebrities have used this look on the red carpet, people have used it for weddings and of course the gym. It is also great for the times you just want your hair out of your face.

Over time, trends come and go especially in fashion. Though, when it comes to hairstyles there are many hairstyles that society has been loyal to for years. All of these styles work for any kind of occasion and can change up your everyday look or use for date night. 

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