Hairstyles can be a natural reflection of who we are as people and a form of expression as we move about the world. Sure, different outfits and clothes can be expressive too, but not as important as what frames the face. Styling to impress or express can be a confidence booster and a fun opportunity to try something new. If you’re looking to change up your everyday look to impress on a date night, don’t forget to consider how your hair can say so much about you. 

For a special occasion or even a first date, knowing the right hairstyle to rock can give a huge confidence boost. Depending on hair length, shape, and color, one may have several preferences to try first before deciding on a finalized look. Keep in mind, some of these styles can require practice at first in order to master. Some hairstyles can take as little as a few minutes for last minute decisions! If you’re thinking of deep conditioning your hair beforehand, that is a good first step. Here are a few date night hairstyle ideas to try out:

Fishtail Braid
A Fishtail Braid is an elegant style which is both creative and unique when it’s done right. The appearance can best be described in the name itself. It is an intricately woven braid made to look like a fish’s tail with repeat patterns and flawless symmetry. Despite looking intricate, creating it is not hard at all! After a few practices, this style can be done quickly for events such as dates, weddings, and more!

Heart Braid
Heart Braids are a little more complicated to master but the end result is worth it! Ironically, like the previous, the name says it all as this style results in a heart shape coming from the top of the head, then down. This involves starting from the center and making two braids to meet in the middle and having an elastic or other tool to secure them. You also have the option of gently tugging on sections to get a thicker, tousled appearance.

Updos are as versatile as they are fabulous! Being able to work with long, medium, or even short hair, this style can be changed and worked into multiple different kinds of choices. From braided buns to intricate knots, updos can be as casual or as fancy as you want them to be. Certain styles, especially side buns with curly and braided themes work great for other events too like weddings or formal events.

Space buns
For a more laid back and carefree hairstyle to try out, Space Buns might be the answer! This hairstyle works great for expressing a fun personality on a date or otherwise. This flirty look can be enhanced further by adding different color hair ties or other effects that generate pizzazz like glitter roots or different hair colors. Buns in general are very versatile and other different kinds of bun styles are an option to experiment with.

Hair Up, Half Down
Another very versatile hairstyle is a half-up and half-down look. This look works great with a ponytail and is perfect when you want to maintain a fun look, while keeping hair out of your face. It can be further glammed up by adding accessories and pins to the look. On the other hand, it can be further downplayed with the usage of natural texture and elastics.

Front Quiff
A Front Quiff is a more classic look as it combines elements of the present day and style from the 1950s. This style, being essentially multiple hairstyles at once, is a great way to change things up. On top of that, there are several popular variations to experiment with. Keep in mind, however, this works better for those with shorter hair or those who have more shaved down sides. 

Soft Fringe
For those who want bangs, a Soft Fringe style might be a great choice! Bangs generally help to frame the face and can be altered to become straight, piecey, or any other kind of shape. Fringe bangs in particular are usually longer than regular bangs to help put more emphasis on the face. Face balance and shape overall are a big defining factor for this style so experiment with a few variations before deciding on one.

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