Short hair can be easy to maintain because there is less to curl, straighten, and manage in order to look presentable. A bob hairstyle has been in fashion for years and many people wear it well. A bob hairstyle can be so much more than just hair that is cut above the shoulders. Gently exfoliating hair follicles can help accelerate surface scalp turnover, ensuring healthy hair all while sporting a new look! Read on to see five popular ways to style this classic and timeless look.

Typical Bob 

To start off easy there is the timeless classic bob which can also be referred to as the “chin-length” bob, which is exactly as it sounds. A classic bob has hair that just reaches the chin and is the style of bob most people are familiar with. This particular style looks best when paired with straight hair and a middle part. 

What is great about a classic bob is that it can be styled to compliment any face shape. A way this can be done is with bangs. A bob supports the bangs look and depending on the way the bob works with your face will help determine the type of bangs that will look best. 

Inverted Bob

Overlooking an inverted bob hairstyle, it includes a short back of the hair and a longer front. This bold style gives the back of the head more shape and dimension. But even going for an inverted style can also have very many different styles. For example, it fits both curly and straight hair, and can have various lengths. 

If you are trying something different with your hair by going with an inverted bob, you can leave the front layers longer than a typical bob. This makes it easier that you can take off more as you become more adjusted to the look. Or you can go extreme with this hair by having the nape of your neck shaved. There are so many different ways to style an inverted bob, you will find the right one for you! 

Asymmetrical Bob

This uneven look is making its way into 2022 very quickly. An asymmetrical bob is exactly as it sounds. The sides of the hair are not cut evenly, but it just works! Some ways this look can be styled is by shaving one side of the head, which has been supported by celebrities in the past which gives your hair a look similar to a pixie cut. Or play around with where your hair is usually parted and you can find the perfect look to shape and style your face. 

Another way to have fun with this is through the use of layers. This will help finding the right length you want and adds volume. By going with an asymmetrical look for your bob cut, it is definitely a fun statement to make and brings out different features of the face.

French Bob

There is something about French culture that is very alluring. The French bob first became popular among movie stars during the 1920s. While this style has not had as much attention recently, it is a great way to style a bob. What makes this look different to the others is its length. 

The classic bob is shoulder length, while the French bob is significantly shorter, mostly chin length. Similarly, this bobbed look does look great with bangs and curly hair. Throw in some finger waves to feel like a flapper! Compliment this haircut with a new beret to really nail the French look. 

Blunt Bob

The reason this style is referred to as “blunt” is due to the way that it is cut. The ends of the hair are sharp and sleek, like a blunt cut. There are no layers which is beneficial to those who have fine hair. However, hair texture is not a problem for this style; it works with hair that has more texture and body. 

A blunt bob gives a sleek and clean look that is a way to stand out in a crowd. They can even be customized like the other styles above. With bangs or varying lengths this look is sure to work with your face shape. 

Over time, the classic bob hairstyle has evolved to have many different looks. It is a low maintenance style since there is less hair to keep up with. But these are only a few of the different ways you can change up this timeless style and have it compliment your natural features!

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