The health of your hair not only depends on the products you apply to it, but also the vitamins and nutrients that you put into your body. When you are deficient or low in certain nutrients, this can prevent your body from building your hair as effectively since it will focus its energy on more vital parts of your body that are important for bodily functions and your health. 

The appearance of your hair can be a subliminal clue to others of how you are taking care of yourself. If it is dull and lifeless, it can be subconsciously interpreted as a result of not having enough resources put into your body to retain its appearance, an idea theorized by evolutionary biologists. Sometimes our bodies cannot absorb enough nutrients through food alone since some foods can actually cancel out absorption of certain nutrients when combined with other foods. For example, calcium can lessen the absorption of iron which means that if you have a food with calcium and iron together, this can actually be counterproductive for adequate iron absorption. 

There are also examples in which certain vitamins help aid in the absorption of other vitamins such as the case of vitamin C helping increase iron absorption. In some cases, the amount of vitamins required can be difficult to get in food, also due to medications you may take. Various factors can inhibit adequate absorption of vitamins and the degree in which this can occur varies from person to person. A way to avoid restricting or changing one’s diet while still absorbing enough of these nutrients is to take supplements which contain higher amounts of vitamins in a more concentrated form. There are some vitamins and supplements that have been shown to contribute to hair health due to the nutrients they provide for it. Here is a list of ingredients that are associated with being beneficial for hair health.

  1. Bamboo Shoots are high in silica, which is a trace mineral that helps improve circulation and may result in encouraging blood flow to your scalp. This increased blood flow can aid in hair growth. Silica also has components in it that contribute to building hair. Bamboo also has antioxidant properties which can help reduce scalp irritation. The nutritional benefits of bamboo shoots can help those who are deficient maintain and replenish the health of their hair.
  2. Biotin is a vitamin that has been shown to help increase hair thickness and shine. It may also be beneficial by aiding in hair regrowth. A lack of adequate biotin can result in hair loss and a scaly rash on the scalp. By consuming an adequate level of biotin you can make sure to prevent the side effects that can impact your hair health if you are deficient. 
  3. Curcumin is a supplement that has been shown to fight hair damaging radicals. Curcumin can also block the effects of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which has been shown to contribute to hair loss due to the effects it has on the hair follicles. By blocking this hormone that has been shown to result in hair loss you can help lessen potential hair loss that can be brought on by this.
  4. Saw Palmetto is a supplement that can help block an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase which is an enzyme that can convert testosterone into dihydrotestosterone which has been shown to lead to hair loss. By blocking this enzyme, saw palmetto can reduce the likelihood of hair loss caused by the prevalence of dihydrotestosterone. 
  5. Zinc is a vitamin that has been shown to help maintain the function of the hair’s oil glands. This can potentially improve the moisture of the hair due to the natural oils remaining balanced.  Zinc is also beneficial for hair growth and repair. A side effect of zinc deficiency can be hair loss. This is because zinc is an important nutrient for hair growth and health.  

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