Shiny hair is a sign that hair is well taken care of and healthy. When hair shines, this is a desirable quality because it shows that hair is well moisturized and balanced. There are several methods to increase the shine in your hair. Externally, to increase your hair’s shine, you can apply products which are moisturizing and strengthen the strands to smooth them out and prevent frizz or breakage that can leave hair dull. 

Making sure to maintain the health of your scalp and hair follicles can also increase hair shine by providing nourishment which can have a direct result of improving your hair’s luster. Internally, you can increase the shine of your hair by consuming supplements that have ingredients which contribute to maximizing the health of your hair. All of these methods combined can contribute to increasing the overall health and as a result the shine of your hair. Here is a list of some helpful tips to increase hair shine.

  1. Maintaining a healthy scalp can help contribute to hair shine because a well nourished scalp contributes to the health of the hair that grows out of it. Keranique offers a great Scalp Stimulating Shampoo and Conditioner Set for Thinning Hair that helps to keep the scalp healthy while removing product buildup and promoting shiny, voluminous hair. Our Micro-Exfoliating Follicle Revitalizing Mask also increases hair shine by exfoliating and moisturizing the scalp to promote healthy follicles. We also offer a Scalp Nourishing Shampoo which helps smooth frizz and increase shine as well. 
  2. Repairing damaged hair can help increase shine by reducing frizz and dryness that contribute to hair being dull. Moisturizing hair can increase shine by providing hydration.. Keranique offers a Replenishing Keratin Conditioner which provides deep conditioning moisture for dry, damaged hair and can increase shine as a result. 
  3. Maintaining moisture in hair helps to increase hair health and shine by adding hydration to the hair strands. This can be achieved by using oils in your hair that have moisturizing effects which result in a shiny finish. Keranique offers a Marula Oil Hair Treatment Mist which combines marula oil and mongongo oil to provide maximum nourishment, moisture and shine.  
  4. Taking supplements for hair health can help increase nutrients which contribute to building healthy, strong and shiny hair. Keranique offers a supplement called Keraviatin Hair & Scalp Health Supplement that combines multiple of these nutrients into one. This supplement can help the health of your scalp and hair by working within your body to help contribute helpful nutrients that aid in your body’s production of hair. 
  5. Using color treated conditioner if you have dyed hair can help gently condition your hair without leading to fading, dull hair that often happens when using a non-color safe conditioner. Keranique offers a Revitalizing Keratin Conditioner that is gentle and helps to add moisture to hair that is dyed. This can help increase shine by keeping color treated hair strong and not stripping it of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

Do you want to increase your hair’s ability to shine? Keranique has a variety of hair care products including supplements which can help you to achieve this goal. Keranique products help hair to reach its full potential by providing beneficial nutrients and moisture that is essential for hair to become healthy and radiant. These products have the combined ability to help keep hair healthy and nourished while increasing moisture and reducing frizz which as a result can increase shine.  

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