If you are looking for a way to regrow thinning hair or reduce hair loss, there are many ways you can help. Some natural remedies include eating healthier, taking supplements, reducing your stress levels, and using different products and/or essential oils. However, the best treatment is an FDA-approved treatment called minoxidil. There is another FDA-approved hair growth treatment called Finasteride, but it is an oral medication used for men when minoxidil does not work for them. Minoxidil is a treatment for androgenic alopecia, which is a very common form of hair loss in men and women caused by genetics.

Minoxidil often comes in a topical liquid or foam that you apply directly to the areas of your scalp that are experiencing the hair thinning or loss. Depending on your type of hair loss and the cause, you may have to use it indefinitely for the product to keep working. Other people may just need to use it for a short time until their hair starts regrowing or growing back thicker.

The Side Effects of Minoxidil

There are very few side effects but here are some of the most common:

  • Burning or irritation of the eye
    • Be sure to wash your hands right after use to avoid getting it in or near your eyes
  • Irritation and redness in the area you put the minoxidil
    • You should test a small area first or talk to your doctor to make sure you are not allergic to it
  • Unwanted hair growth on other areas of your body, or worsening hair loss if it does not work for you

You could experience worse side effects if you are severely allergic. You may experience hives, itching, a rash, trouble breathing and tightness in the chest, swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or mouth, dizziness, fainting, chest pain, headache, weight gain, temporary hair loss, or swelling of the hands and feet. If you experience any of these symptoms, see a doctor or go to the hospital right away depending on the severity of the symptoms. Stop using the product immediately if you notice any adverse effects. You should also be aware that it has been found to be highly toxic to cats, so keep them away from the product. Do not let anyone else, especially children, use or touch the product.

How Minoxidil Works To Treat Hair Loss in Men and Women

While minoxidil has been shown to work wonders for those with hair loss, researchers are still not totally sure how it works. It is a potassium channel opener which helps open potassium channels and blood vessels in your body. Basically, it helps nutrients, blood, and oxygen go directly to your hair follicles which helps them grow. If you see more hair loss at first, this is normal and a part of the shedding process. Once the shedding process is complete, you should start to see more hair growth. The shedding is necessary to make room for new growth. The hair that grows should be thicker. Studies show that using minoxidil in smaller areas is generally more effective.

The History of Minoxidil And When It Was Approved By The FDA

Minoxidil was originally used as a treatment for high blood pressure. It was first developed in the ‘50s as a treatment for ulcers. Doctors Guinter Kahn and Paul J. Grant realized that the drug could be used to treat hair loss, so they started conducting their own studies on it. They were right! It was approved by the FDA in 1988 for men and in the early ‘90s for women.

Our Keranique Regrowth Treatment contains minoxidil. It contains 2% which is FDA approved. It also features an easy precision sprayer that helps you specifically target the problem areas without making a mess. You can purchase the regrowth treatment separately or as part of a Hair Regrowth System which also contains shampoo, conditioner, and other treatments that will help aid in your hair regrowth. You should use the Hair Regrowth Treatment twice a day, every day to see the best results.

Have you ever heard of minoxidil? Did you know it was the only FDA-approved treatment for hair loss and that it is included in our Regrowth Treatment?

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