Why Minoxidil is the only FDA Approved Hair Growth Treatment
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Minoxidil is the only FDA-Approved Hair Growth Treatment

If you are looking for a way to regrow thinning hair or reduce hair loss, there are many ways you can help. Some natural remedies include eating healthier, taking supplements, reducing your stress levels, and using different products and/or essential oils. However, the best treatment is an FDA-approved treatment called minoxidil. There is another FDA-approved […]

Keranique Hair Loss Regrowth System
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Why Minoxidil Is So Important for Hair Growth Treatments

There is only one FDA approved ingredient that is proven to regrow women’s hair, and that is minoxidil. In fact, minoxidil is so effective that it was originally studied as a medicine for high blood pressure, but the participants in the study experienced extreme hair growth all over their bodies. Since that accidental discovery, minoxidil […]