This year, the holidays are going to look very different. You may not be attending as many (or any) holiday parties or visiting your extended families and friends. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to dress up! Even if you are staying home this year, you can still dress up for the holidays and try a special new hair style. It can help you feel a little more normal and spread some joy. Any extra joy is much needed this year, right? If nobody has taken the initiative, invite everyone to a Zoom party and ask everyone to dress up a little bit to feel a little more normal this year.

If you are looking to change up your look, here are some fun ways to style your hair for the holidays. Be sure to comment below and let us know which ones you try! Let’s start with some hair styles for longer hair. Of course, long hair has more options in terms of hair styles but you can change up your short hair too!

Braids and buns are both fun hair styles to stay festive during the holiday season. They keep the hair out of your face and are perfect for hair that hasn’t been washed recently, or when you just don’t feel like washing it but have to jump on a Zoom chat with your friends! Why not combine both of them for a fun look? Start with two braids, you can either do French braids or regular ones, depending on your expertise. If you are not great with hair styles, you might want to spend your extra time at home watching YouTube video tutorials for new hair styles if that interests you. After you’ve created your braids, twirl them up into tight buns and pin with bobby pins to secure in place. These days, bobby pins come in all different colors so you can match your hair color or go with something bold. If you are looking for a more festive and fun look, you can add colored ribbons or add glittery hair gel to your buns or hair part.

You can always use hair accessories like scrunchies or headbands. Velvet scrunchies and pearl headbands are definitely in this season. They are especially great if you have short hair and can’t really do much in terms of different hair styles. Hats and scarves are also great and simple ways to create a brand-new look. If you are heading outside for a holiday event, a cute hat or scarf can change your look and still keep you feeling warm. If you prefer a more natural look, you can make braids near your face and tie them up into a headband of sorts.

Is your hair normally always straight or blown out? Then try to give yourself beachy waves or curls. You can use a curling iron or waver, or simply let your hair air dry naturally with the help of some products that create a natural wave or curl.

If you can’t decide between a chic high ponytail and loose waves, choose both. You can create a beautiful half-up, half-down look. Add some bedazzled hair pins or a scrunchie to complete the look and use hair spray to keep everything in place. If you prefer to keep all of your hair out of your face, try a top knot bun or a high ponytail for a very easy hair style that looks stunning on just about everyone. If high hair styles are not for you, because perhaps you have very thick hair and high hair styles causes headaches, you could go low. Try a low bun or a low ponytail for a very simple hair style that looks incredibly classy. Low buns are often called chignons and are secured with bobby pins that match the color of your hair.

If you have short hair, twist some of the pieces of hair near your face away and clip back with pins. You could also pull some of it back and tease it to create a bouffant look that is very classic. Another retro hair style to try requires you to pull some of your hair at the ends underneath a headband. Do you have long hair but have been playing around with the idea of a short hair style? You can fake it by pulling your hair back and tuck it into a low ponytail. Let some of the shorter pieces, if you have layers, fall in the front and it will look like you got a cut without actually getting one! Perhaps after you try this look, you might just get that haircut you’ve been thinking about.

Another easy way to play around with your hair style is to play around with your part. People tend to part their hair the same way every day. Why not challenge yourself by switching it to the middle or the other side or creating a deep side part that almost looks like side bangs?

If you want to go all out, you could change your hair color. Perhaps you want to look like your favorite holiday character from a movie. You could use a temporary hair dye to stun at your next party, even if it is virtual! This could be a fun way to break up the monotony of daily life if you like doing something a little outside of the box with your hair.

While you are styling your hair, try some of these products to help your look stay in place. These also make a great gift for your friends and family who love doing their hair. If you are looking for curls and more volume, try our Thickening & Texturizing Mousse. You put about an egg-size amount in your hair while it is still damp. Then you can go about your styling routine as it helps protect against the heat in hot tools such as your blow dryer and curling iron. If you are looking to repair dry and damaged hair while giving a lift of volume, try our Lift & Repair Treatment Spray. Not only does it help thinning hair look thicker and have more body and bounce, but it starts to repair your hair the more you use it. Lastly, if you want an extra shiny blowout this holiday season, finish your hair style with our Marula Oil Hair Mist. It will help add shine, reduce frizz and flyaways, and improve the manageability of your hair.

Will you change up your hair style for a holiday party or event this year? Are you planning to attend any events or will they be mostly virtual? Either way, you can still have fun with new hair styles and look fabulous!

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