As this year rapidly comes to a close and we begin to establish ways to improve ourselves in the coming months, whether it is weight loss or healthier eating, another resolution to consider is the way that we take care of our hair. Whether you’re looking to grow it out, make it more voluminous, or tame unruly curls, this article will help you achieve your hair goals for the coming year!

No matter what age you are, you’ll be faced with your fair share of hair-related problems over time. The first one to tackle is split ends. After everything that has happened in 2020, it’s time to finally accomplish the goals you have set out for yourself and your hair. Dealing with split ends is a great way to do that, as your hair overall will look smoother and shinier. You may also be dealing with split ends if your hair salon was closed or you were avoiding any non-essential outings due to the pandemic. Although you could go the basic route and decide that this New Year’s you’ll be getting a new haircut too, for those who aren’t interested in chopping it off, there are plenty of ways to work on improving your split ends.

Even if cutting your hair is something you’d like to avoid, split ends are still no problem and totally controllable! While you can’t get rid of them completely unless you cut them off, you can do things to diminish the damage. For this upcoming year, work towards a new hair care routine for the dead ends by following only a few easy steps. Some of the biggest ways to improve damage to your strands is by making sure that when conditioning in the shower, you run your hands through your hair to detangle it or use a wide-toothed comb. Then let it dry naturally rather than by using a towel. Or if you’re in a rush and need your hair to be dried quickly, use a soft T-shirt to get rid of the excess water instead of a towel. If your split ends need quite a bit of work, use more conditioner in the affected areas, and minimize your usage of heating products like blow driers and straighteners. A leave-in conditioner or hair mask can also do wonders for damaged and dry hair.

If your hair resolution for the New Year is taming an oily scalp but you don’t want to go through the hassle of washing it every day, try putting a bit of aloe vera on your hair brush and comb it through your strands. This is more of a natural remedy to tone down the oils and saves the time of washing your hair as frequently.

After deciding what resolution you’d like to pick based on your hair type and what personal problems you may be having with it, try to come up with ways to complete your resolution. If you decide to pick up a new hair care routine, take the time to research products you’re looking into using as well as what would work best for your hair.

Keranique is a great choice for those starting a new hair care routine because of all the product availability that it has to offer. For those with damaged hair, look for shampoos and conditioners with the intent of hydrating and making your hair softer and more manageable. If you have thinning or oily hair, you’ll want to look for balancing or volumizing shampoos and conditioners. If you haven’t really been involved with a hair care routine in the past and don’t want to do anything that will take too much time or products, a simple shampoo and conditioner catering towards what your hair needs to look its best is a good way to ease into experimenting with hair care routines.

Keranique also offers special hairbrushes and combs that won’t damage your hair and work great with their other products. Even if all you remember to do is give your hair a good brushing, you can rest assured that it won’t undergo damage, so throw out your current hair combs and welcome in new products that your hair and scalp will thank you for!

Keranique also has several different nourishing and hair growth treatments to accommodate all hair types if you struggle with hair loss, and are helpful to those who have damaged hair as well. Perhaps in the New Year you are looking to finally help heal your thinning hair and hair loss. You will want to work on the problem from the inside out with hair products and supplements. Try our Hair Regrowth System which contains our Scalp Stimulating Shampoo, Volumizing Conditioner, Hair Regrowth Treatment, Lift & Repair Treatment Spray, and a brush and detangling comb set, designed to help you achieve your hair goals. Our Hair Regrowth Treatments is the only FDA-approved treatment for women’s hair loss and it is very simple to use. In addition, you can try our KeraViatin Hair Supplements to help your body get all of the nutrients it needs to help regrow your hair.

Struggling to remember how to keep track of your hair regimen? Here are a few solutions! Lay out all the products you’re going to be using in a place you can easily see them. For example; if you choose to go a shampoo and conditioner route, have them readily available in the shower right away and replace what you currently use. The sooner you lay out everything you’re going to be using instead of current products, the better it will be in the long run so as not to forget what you’re incorporating into your new look.

If you have aftercare products such as hair sprays to promote health for your locks, an option is to keep that by your bathroom sink where you can see it every day and remember to use it. If you have chosen the route to take hair supplements, consider taking the supplements with a specified meal like breakfast so that you’ll establish the supplement as being part of your mornings, and develop a habit. When using multiple products outside of shampoo and conditioner to apply to your hair, try to keep them all together in the same place so you will always know where they can be located and it will become easier for you to make the addition of new products into your daily life.

If all else fails, write down on a calendar or in a journal what you’ll be incorporating into your hair routine every day. When you have it written down and readily available, it will be much easier to remember.

Lastly, your resolutions may involve a new hair style or color. Try using Pinterest to look for new ideas and pin them to a board to show your hair stylist. You can also try to cut and color your hair at home by using YouTube tutorials if you have some experience. Keep in mind that some things like bleach should always be left to the professionals.

With the right hair care products and dedication to a healthier hair appearance, you can totally rock the New Year! You deserve great, quality products and an outstanding new shine, health, and strength to your hair. So, go on, find what works for you, and make the most of 2021!

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