It can be alarming to notice your hair start to thin out, especially if you have always had a thick head of hair. There are many reasons why your hair could be thinning or falling out and many of them are temporary.

Often, with the right change in diet, product, or medication, your hair will return to normal. It is always best to talk to your doctor about any changes in your lifestyle and any other symptoms you are experiencing in addition to hair thinning. They can help uncover the root cause and get you on your way to healthier hair.

As you age, hair thinning and even hair loss is normal. With the normal aging process, hair becomes gray or white, your hair follicles don’t produce as much new hair, and your hair may start to thin out. However, significant hair loss and bald patches are often not normal. You should see your doctor.

Androgenetic Alopecia

You might be experiencing male or female pattern hair loss. This is very common and often genetic. It is technically called androgenetic alopecia and can happen to males and females, generally as they get older. While this genetic condition affects both men and women, it looks different for each gender. Often, men will have hair thinning from the hairline to the back of their head. In women, hair tends to start to thin at the top of the head.

Alopecia Areata

Another condition that could cause hair loss is alopecia areata. This condition is caused by genetics and environmental factors. It causes hair loss in patches on the scalp and may also reduce hair growth in eyebrows and other areas of the body where hair grows. Luckily, it can often be treated with injections and help the hair to regrow.

Diet and Stress

Your diet and stress levels can affect your hair’s health. If you are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, vitamin D, and protein, you could experience hair thinning or loss. If you are consistently eating a poor diet, you may also notice dull, dry hair, dandruff, and brittle hair. In addition, if you are experiencing high levels of stress on a consistent basis you may experience hair thinning called telogen effluvium. When the person is less stressed, their hair often returns to normal.


Hormones during pregnancy, after childbirth, and menopause can also cause hair thinning. It is very common to experience hair loss during pregnancy and after giving birth. Usually, the hair will grow back to normal within about a year after having the baby. Try to be patient, but there are products you can use when you are not pregnant or breastfeeding to help regrow the hair quickly.

Once you have talked to your doctor and determined the likely cause of your hair loss, you can begin working on a treatment plan. For many people, it is as simple as waiting and being patient or improving their diet or stress levels. For others, medication and medicated products are more necessary.

Medications For Hair Thinning And Loss That Are FDA Approved

Your doctor may prescribe you one of the following medications: Minoxidil or Finasteride. Both of these are generally prescribed for androgenetic alopecia and are FDA approved.

Minoxidil is a treatment that is applied directly to the scalp and hair. It should help hair growth in about 6-12 months but may need to be used indefinitely. Often people will notice the hair begin to thin and fall out again once they stop the treatment. Finasteride is an oral medication that is taken daily. It is for men that have already tried minoxidil and did not have any improvements while using it. Finasteride does have more side effects so that is why minoxidil is used first.

The Best At-Home Kit For Hair Thinning And Loss


If you are more interested in a remedy you can purchase and use at home, we have several kits that help improve hair loss and thinning. Our Keranique Hair Regrowth System may be right for you if you are experiencing hair thinning from age, stress, or postpartum.

This system helps to reduce hair thinning and loss and help you start growing longer, stronger hair more quickly. The scalp stimulating shampoo reduces buildup, strengthens, and thickens your hair. It also protects from shedding and promotes microcirculation, which helps hair grow.

Coupled with the volumizing Keratin conditioner, which helps to thicken and volumize your hair, this duo prepares your scalp for optimal growth. The main component of the system is the Regrowth Treatment.

It contains 2% of minoxidil, which is the only FDA-approved ingredient to help stop hair loss and thinning for women. Designed to be used twice a day on your problem areas, the quick application only takes a few minutes!

Lastly, you the lift & repair treatment spray provides your hair with more volume and shine. It can also repair and protect against breakage and split ends, which can help you go longer between haircuts. You can get more information about our #1 selling hair regrowth system here.

Reverse Hair Loss in Women wit The Keranique Love Your Hair System

If you’re satisfied with your shampoo and conditioner, but you’re still looking for a hair regrowth solution, we also have a hair regrowth system called the Love Your Hair Regrowth System.

It contains minoxidil and the instantly volumizing Lift and Repair treatment, however, instead of the shampoo and conditioner duo, we included our powerful hair supplement, KeraViatin. The Love Your Hair Regrowth System is an online exclusive system and helps to tackle hair regrowth starting from the inside out.

Along with the aforementioned benefits of the Regrowth Treatment and Lift & Repair Treatment, our KeraViatin supplement provides your body and your scalp with vital nutrients. One main ingredient that we would like to highlight in KeraViatin is curcumin. It is the active ingredient in turmeric and has been shown to improve hair growth.

We have done extensive studies and found that all of the ingredients work together to help you grow longer and stronger hair quickly.

Other At-Home Remedies For Hair Thinning

After you have discovered the root cause of your thinning hair and begun a treatment plan, there are other ways you can improve your hair situation. Start to take a look at your diet and clean it up. Make sure to get a mix of protein, healthy fat, and fruits and vegetables in your everyday diet. Fruits and vegetables especially contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that can help improve your hair’s health. You can also get supplements or take vitamins to fill in the gaps if you don’t like a lot of foods.

Some people also love head massages and essential oils for boosting hair growth. The next time you are in the shower, give yourself a head massage. Not only will it feel wonderful, but it may also help to stimulate your hair follicles and help your hair grow faster. You could also ask a loved one to give you a massage for an extra treat! If you like using essential oils, try adding a few drops in your shampoo or conditioner.

Rosemary oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil, cedarwood oil, thyme oil, and Tulsi oil are said to help improve hair growth and health. You should dilute the oils or only use a few drops if adding to shampoo or conditioner. Massages and essential oils are also a great way to de-stress… which leads us to the next topic.

If stress is your leading cause of hair loss, be sure to talk to your doctor and a therapist for ways to help reduce the stress in your life. You may want to start delegating more tasks to others, include more self-care into your daily routine, drink more water, and cut back on coffee and alcohol, and more. Experiment until you find what works for you and helps you to de-stress quickly and easily.

Have you ever experienced hair thinning or loss? Did you uncover the root cause? What products helped you to regain your hair back?

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