Is your hair dry, dull, and damaged? If so, it might time for a deep conditioning treatment / deep conditioner. Depending on your hair type or needs, deep conditioners can be used weekly or monthly to increase the moisture in your hair, help smooth and soften your hair and make it more manageable.

When looking at the different deep conditioning options, it is important to make sure that the conditioner you choose has essential foundation elements. Without these ingredients, you might not get the most optimal results from your treatment. The list of ingredients is your friend! Some of the ingredients might be difficult to pronounce, but rest assured, they have significant meaning. Without further ado, here are some ingredients to look for when trying to pick a new deep conditioning treatment.

Fatty alcohols such as cetyl alcohol, and stearyl alcohol, and cetearyl alcohol are great for conditioning hair. Humectants like lactic acid, glycerin, hydantoin, glyceryl stearate, honey, and cetrimonium chloride help to draw moisture in your hair. If you are lacking moisture, your hair will likely become dull and dry looking. These ingredients work together to help to create more moisture which will help your hair look and feel healthier.

You should also look for proteins to strengthen your hair and conditioning agents like behentrimonium methosulfate. Like fattly alcohols, proteins help provide moisture and make it easier to detangle your hair. When your hair is not moisturized, it may become tangled and full of knots. However, after an effective deep condition, these knots will be able to come out much faster and smoother. Remember, be gentle when you are removing the knots. Be patient.

Lastly, you may also want to look for some kind of oil in the ingredients to work as a sealant. Oils will help seal in the moisture and protect your hair from environmental stresses like changes in the weather conditions. In addition, don’t be afraid if water is the main ingredient. Water is, of course, very hydrating and should be included in ALL conditioners!

Do you use a deep conditioner often? If not, you should try to use one at least once a month for smoother and healthier hair! If you enjoyed this article, please SHARE with your friends and family who are looking for new deep conditioners!

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