Halloween is right around the corner. Whether you want a hairstyle that works with a costume or a simple way to look more festive, here are some great ideas!

If you have big, curly hair, embrace it! Why not make your hair as big as possible and go as a lioness? All you need to do is let your curls or waves go crazy and use a curl-enhancing cream if you need it. Then add some lion ears, a tail, and some makeup to make yourself look more like a lioness. An easy way to become an animal is to wear that animal-inspired onesie too. If you need to create more volume, try our Volume & Protect Styling Set. The mousse will help give you more body and curls while the Lift and Repair Treatment Spray will add tons of lift to your roots.

Or perhaps you can be inspired by one of the biggest cultural phenomena of the year: Tiger King. Embrace the mullet style and dress up like Exotic Joe! You can definitely use a wig for this one. If you have long blonde hair, you could also get a flower crown and go as the iconic Carole Baskin. 

Another idea is to go back in time. Reflect on your favorite decade. For example, if you loved the look of the ‘70s, become a flower child. Let your hair go long and wavy and add a flower crown. It can be easy to achieve this look and you can purchase outfits at your local vintage clothing store.

If you’d rather channel your royal side, get a crown and create a low bun. This is a simple and chic style that can go with a lot of different looks, including a princess or a queen.

Although it can appear to be intimidating, what about becoming Medusa? You can achieve this look by making small buns all over your head. Then get some small plastic snakes and weave them through the buns. You can secure them with bobby pins or elastics.

Another recent trend is the alien or galaxy girl costume. Start by putting your hair up in two space buns. Make sure the buns are high up on your head. Then use a spray temporary color like silver, pink, or purple to color your hair. Finish with some glitter for an added touch of flare.

If you don’t necessarily want to dress up in a costume, but want to be festive, try these tips. You can use a temporary color to change up your hair color to orange and black. You could also put some fake spiders and fake spider webs in your hair for a creepy but fun look.

Of course, you can also be inspired by your favorite musical artist or television or movie character. Copy their look and hairstyle for a fun night out with friends.

What are you going to be for Halloween? Are you going to make sure your hair is extra scary or fun this year? We would love to see your different looks and hairstyles. Make sure you tag us on Facebook and Instagram! If you enjoyed this article, please SHARE with your friends and family who are looking for some Halloween costume ideas for their hair!

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