It’s no secret that women love the way their curls feel and bounce. It adds more volume and makes your hair feel alive. Women go to great lengths in order to get those perfect curls, but the minute their hair hits the pillow, all the effort becomes in vain. 

Understanding Your Hair To Keep Curls In Overnight

How to Keep Curls in Overnight After Curling

The key to maintaining your curls overnight, or multiple days on end, is to understand your hair quality and the texture properly. People who have thin hair that’s on the straighter side may find it difficult to maintain their curls for a longer period in comparison to those that have naturally wavy and thick hair. However, that doesn’t mean that people that have thin hair cannot maintain their curls for long periods. It’s about finding the right balance between what works for your hair and what sleep technique you will have to master so that you have beautiful curls without having to redo them in the middle of the week.

If your hair is oily and you need to wash it at least two to three times during the week, then you may want to consider tying up your hair while it’s still wet before you head to bed. What this does is it helps to keep the moisture in your hair for a longer time and it prevents you from sweating and getting an oily scalp. The wetness of the curls also helps the hair to hold its shape and this means that your curls will stay more pronounced for a longer time.

If you plan on sleeping with your hair wet, then you should blow dry it before opening up the hair the next morning. This is an easy trick that will help your hair looking fresh and the curls staying strong. You could also consider investing in a few hair sprays and products that will help the curls maintain their shape during the day.

Hair serums work well in keeping the curls in place and it also allows you to move your head freely without the fear of your curls opening up. If you have a very dry scalp and your hair is on the frizzier side, you may want to consider using a hair serum or a leave-in conditioner before you tie your hair up. Sleeping with wet hair is not a good idea if you have dry and frizzy hair. This is because the water will dry out your hair even further and your hair will look out of place.

If you want your hair to have pronounced curls, you also need to look at the texture and the quality of your hair and choose a solution that works well based on your hair type.

It is a struggle to maintain those perfect curls, especially if you love your sleep. In case you are wondering what you can do to preserve your perfect bouncy curls without compromising on your beauty sleep then these pre-bedtime routines can help your hair waking up happier and less frizzy. Let’s not forget, those precious extra minutes you will get to sleep in instead of worrying about styling your hair. 

1. Bantu Knots For Keeping Curls In Tact

Bantu knots are a hassle-free, quick, and easy solution to preserve those curls when you wake up. It’s the ideal solution for a busy woman. This technique works well for people with different hair lengths and hair texture. It is a better solution for people with thicker and frizzy hair, but it can also be used for people who have flat hair. The best way to use Bantu knots to preserve your curls overnight is to wash your hair nicely, apply a serum to nourish your hair, and follow the steps mentioned below.

To keep your curls intact, here is what you need to do: 

  • Section your hair using a wide-toothed comb 
  • Take each section and twist it from root to tip 
  • Wind the twist into a coil and secure it with a rubber band
  • Follow this procedure for all the sections 
  • Cover your hair with a silk bonnet and voila, you are done 

This won’t take you more than 10 minutes and when you wake up the next morning, you can slowly unfurl your hair and watch your curls drop down and bounce. 

Bantu Knots

If you plan on sleeping with your hair wet, then you need to blow dry each Bantu knot as you open it and run your fingers through it for the curls to stay more pronounced. This technique works well for people who are looking for bigger curls that are not very defined. It helps people with wavy hair to have more pronounced curls and it defines the curls of the tresses a lot better. If you plan on getting smaller curls, you will have to divide your hair into multiple sections and tie small Bantu knots. This may take a longer time, but it works well if you have a special event or a party coming up.

When done correctly, Bantu knots can give you salon-like curls from the comfort of your home. If you don’t mind doing this every night, you will hardly ever need to get your hair curled by a professional anymore.

2. Braids – Old Fashioned Method For Keeps Curls In Overnight

Braids have been one of the oldest techniques to get curly, wavy hair. Right from getting small curls to bigger ones, braids can come handy if your hair is shoulder-length or longer. If you prefer wavy well-defined curls, then the easiest way to get them is to opt-in for a two-strand or a four-strand braid. 

If you like small curls, then you can make multiple braids all over your hair and leave it overnight. While this is time-consuming, it will give you the cutest and the tiniest curls you can wish for. This technique works best for people who have fine and limp hair and are looking to get more volume for their hair.

Braids leave your curls bouncy and every curl is proportionate. You can choose to braid your hair when it’s wet or simply apply a serum for those curls to hold shape. Braids are also a lot easier to sleep with since all your hair is not around the crown and you will not find it uncomfortable to adjust your neck if you have the habit of tossing and turning while you sleep. Braids are an ideal pick.


Braiding your hair may not be that feasible regularly since it is a time-consuming process, but if you want your hair to look extra special then braiding it the night before is an easy and effective trick that you should have up your sleeve. 

It’s a simple process where you braid your hair, use a hair spray over it, and head to bed. This method gives you well-defined and professional-looking curls that stand out and look great at all times.

3. Pineapple Hair – Adding Volume In Your Curls

If you are looking for a lot of volume in your curls, then the pineapple technique is one of the best ways to preserve your curls overnight. In case you are wondering how this technique works, it’s quite simple. All you have to do is bend down, lower your head, and get all your hair as close to your forehead as possible. Once you do this, tie it into a bun and secure it. 

The pineapple is a technique that will come handy after you have had an expensive hairdo at a salon that you want to preserve for as long as possible. You can always apply some sort of serum or hair spray to the pineapple just before you head to bed. What the pineapple essentially does is helps preserve the hairdo and concentrate the curls so that they stay intact the following morning.

This is one of the best techniques to protect your curls since you will never sleep on your hair and it will be as bouncy as ever. When pulling your hair towards your forehead, make sure you don’t tie it very tight or this could leave dents on your hair and also make your head hurt. You can use a sleep cap or a headband to protect the pineapple while you sleep. 

Pineapple Hair

Always remember that the pineapple comes handy when your hair is long. If you have shoulder-length hair and you try to tie a pineapple, most of your curls will get lost in just pulling your hair upwards. The pineapple technique is more effective in preserving the curls towards the lower end of your hair. This will flatten out the curls towards your crown since all the hair around your crown will be pulled and flattened while tying the pineapple on the top of your head. It does however help to maintain the curls around your fringe area and it gives you a very cute look especially if you tie a ponytail. You can have a few well-defined curls falling across your face and your ponytail will have some pretty curls at the back too.

When you wake up in the morning, you can continue with your daily routine with the pineapple still in place. Just before you step out, you can let the pineapple lose, use hair spray and you are ready to go. 

4. Multi-Pineapple – Preserve Your Curls All Night

People with short hair will not be able to use the traditional pineapple technique to preserve curls through the night. Considering it’s one of the most effective techniques to keep your curls bouncy and alive, we have come up with a trick that will benefit people with short hair. Here is what you need to do.

Multi-Pineapple Hair

Instead of gathering all your hair on top of your head, you need to divide it into four equal sections and focus on bringing the four sections to the top of your head. Instead of one big pineapple, you will now have four small pineapples that will work as a headband. You could choose to do more pineapples if you want, but four is something that could work well for someone with fine hair. 

If you have thicker hair, then you may want to do more pineapples. If your hair is quite short you could focus on doing more pineapples so that there is not much pulling involved. Once you have tied all the pineapples, you can wear a shower cap or a silk bonnet to keep them in place. You could also apply a serum before tying these pineapples. This helps to define the curls a lot better and you will have bouncy curls in the morning.

5. Pin Curls For Big Bouncy Curls

If you have soft, fine hair, but you still enjoy big bouncy curls, then the best way for you to ensure you still have your curls when you wake up in the morning is by using the pin curl technique. This technique needs to be done with your hair still wet while you are in the bathroom. 

The pin curl technique is ideally suited for people with straight hair or for those who find it difficult in getting a refined curl even after a professional sitting. The pin curls technique may be time-consuming, but you should remember that all your curls should come towards your crown and the pin should secure them properly so that they don’t move around.

Grab each section and curl it using a finger and then secure it with a bobby pin. Do this for all your hair and then blow-dry over the curls. Wear a sleep cap and head right to bed. This will give you cute bouncy ringlets when you wake up in the morning. 

There’s no denying that this technique takes up a fair bit of your time, but if you do it for a couple of days, you can then switch to the braiding technique which is less fussy. However, you need your hair to get used to the shape of the curls which is why the pineapple technique is initially required. The reason is always better to start with the pineapple technique is because it helps to define the curls properly and you can then wrap your finger around each curl when using the pin curl technique more effectively. Not only will this help to define your curls, but it also helps them stand out prominently and your curls will be free-flowing over your shoulder without the fear of them opening up.

Pin Curls

6. A Topknot For Free-Flowing Curls

If you like soft, loose curls then the topknot is a great technique to achieve those free-flowing curls. These curls are usually for women who have long flowing hair and not for someone who has mid-length or short hair. 

In order for you to achieve the perfect topknot, you can relax and take all your hair right to the top. Then slowly begin twisting it around and secure it using a rubber band or a pin. This is a great way to achieve curls only at the lower end of your hair. 

A topknot

The technique also works well for people with soft straight hair or wavy hair. If your hair is too soft and the curls tend to open up when you wake up in the morning, you can secure them with the help of an electric curler. However, you should make sure that when you use the curler, you do not burn your hair in the process. 

If you want tighter waves, then you can tie multiple buns using the same technique. Once you use the curler a couple of times, you won’t need to worry about curling your hair very often. Your hair turns to get into that style permanently. We recommend that if you are going to be using consistent heat on your hair to treat it inside and out. You might want to try our daily hair and scalp health supplement Keraviatin to fortify to your hair as well as the Keranique Follicle Boosting Serum while styling.

7. T-Shirt Turban – Good For Keeping Curls In Overnight For Those With Thin Hair

Some people have fine hair that’s difficult to curl. Using the pineapple technique with such hair could leave dents on your hair and your hair would get loose in no time. If you have fine hair and you don’t want your curls to flatten, then the T-shirt turban is a great way to curl your hair overnight.

This technique works well with people who have short as well as long hair. It is also a time-saving technique. So if you are really tired or you have to wake up early next morning, it makes a lot of sense to choose this technique since it won’t take you more than 5 minutes to protect your curls.

All you need to do is wear a T-shirt and then pull it over your hair using the neck of the T-shirt as a headband. You then need to move the T-shirt around and form a turban and tie it securely using the sleeves of the T-shirt. You can also wet the T-shirt a little to get well-defined curls and protect your hair.

While this isn’t a foolproof technique and it won’t help you protect every curl, it’s a great go-to solution when you are pressed for time. Always use a cotton T-shirt because it is easy to soak up the water or serum that can help nourish your hair through the night. If the T-shirt is wet, always use a blow dryer till it is semi-dry or else you will end up with a wet pillowcase.

Make sure you don’t tie the T-shirt too tight or else it will pull your hair and your head will start hurting. If the neck of the T-shirt is loose, you can secure it with a headband so that it does not come off while you are asleep. It’s always better to choose a cotton headband so that you are comfortable.

8. Sleep On A Satin / Silk Pillowcase

Sleep on a Satin/Silk Pillow Case

It’s no secret that cotton pillowcases and bedspreads are the most comfortable, but when it comes to maintaining those bouncy curls, you may want to switch to satin or silk. The reason it is always better to use satin or silk to preserve those curls is that there is less friction and your hair does not stick to the fabric but rather slips over it.

If you have tried all of the techniques mentioned above, but you wake up with dents on your crown then this could be because of a cotton pillowcase. Satin or silk also helps improve the texture of your hair and makes it shinier and smoother. This keeps your hair bouncy and voluminous. If you do not want to use a satin or silk pillowcase, you can always choose to use a satin or silk bonnet and tie up any of these hairdos except for the T-shirt turban. This helps to soften up your curls and smoothen the edges.

9. Twisty Braid

If you have very soft and fine hair and you are looking to increase bounce for your curls, then you need to try out the twisty braid technique. We need to warn you that this is a time-consuming process, but the result is beautiful and your curls are formed as though they were done at a salon.

In this technique, all you need to do is divide your hair into four sections. Then you need to take each section and divide them into three sub-sections. Each of these sub-sections needs to be twisted and tied with a rubber band. Once you have your twists ready, you then need to braid each twisty into four braids.

You can apply a serum or wet your hair before doing this. This is a great way to define your curls and make them look unique and shapely. What you can also do is apply a serum after you have braided your hair so that it manages to set the hair properly and take care of any stray hair.

This is an ideal solution for people who have very long hair because twisting will take off quite a bit of length and this will make it difficult for you to braid your hair if you do not have a lot of hair. In case your hair isn’t that long, you can always choose to do multiple small braids all over your hair.

Tips To Care For Your Curls And Make Them Last Longer

You need to invest in hair care products that can benefit your curls in some way. Using a serum is important to define your curls and since there are so many available in the market, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the right one.

If you have dry and frizzy hair look for a serum that will help moisturize your hair and soften it. Also, look for something that will help hold your curls in place. If you have oily hair, then using a spray serum will benefit you a lot more than one that you need to apply on your hair. This is because when you spray a serum, you use lesser of it and it doesn’t leave your scalp feeling greasy.

If your curls always fall flat, then using a mousse or gel to define the curls before using any of the techniques above will help your curls look prettier and it will help them last longer. After all, who would want their curls to fall flat in the middle of an event or a party?

While using a hair spray is one of the most effective techniques to keep curls in place, this may not come handy all the time because excessive use of hairspray can damage your hair. Try to use hairspray as sparingly as possible and reserve it only for special occasions. When you are at home, always tie your hair in a twisted manner so that it can define your curls and preserve the shape.

You should also focus on using a shampoo that is designed for curly hair or a shampoo that can increase the bounce in your hair. If you have very frizzy, dry hair, then apply a serum before you follow any of the above mentioned pre-bedtime routines. This will also help to nourish your curls and give them full body while keeping them soft and hydrated. It also makes it easier for you to manage. You could also consider using a hair mask or hair gels to keep the curls in place, but try to use products that have fewer chemicals or ones made using natural ingredients for best results.

Tips to care for your curls and make them last longer

Remember to brush your hair prior to following these techniques because if you end up brushing your hair when you wake up, there is a chance the curls could go flat and all your efforts would be in vain.

If your hair is thinning or you are losing your hair, it could be due to an underlying health issue. As always, you should see your doctor to get to the root cause of your health and hair problems.

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