Dandruff, caused by infrequent brushing, age, poor diet, or dry skin can leave you with a head that’s irritable, itchy, and covered in unflattering white flakes. The good news is that there are shampoos with the proper ingredients to tame even the most extreme cases of your scalp. Continue reading to learn what to look for in your shampoo bottles so you can reduce the amount of dandruff you’re dealing with.

Different hair types require different dandruff treatments. For example, if your hair is colored, you may want to try something gentler that won’t strip your hair while still reducing the amount of dandruff you have. You may want to try using shampoos with tea tree oil for colored hair that also keeps your scalp healthy and hydrated, which in turn may decrease your dandruff.

For a more serious dandruff problem for all hair types, it is recommended by professionals at Healthline that you try to find products in your shampoo containing Ketoconazole, an anti-fungal agent to clean the oil glands that cause dandruff in your scalp when irritated.

Other active ingredients to search for include pyrithione zinc, selenium sulfide, salicylic acid, and coal tar. As is always the case, though, keep in mind your hair type. Although these will help reduce dandruff, they may make your hair feel stripped of moisture, which is where you may want to look for shampoos that also contain active ingredients like aloe vera. It’s a good idea to include aloe or coconut oil, as dandruff is triggered from dry scalps, so make sure your scalp is receiving moisture treatment in the shampoo that’s fighting dandruff. But what do these individual ingredients do, and why will they reduce dandruff?

Milder ingredients, including salicylic acid and coal tar, are the active ingredients that treat your actual symptoms – these would be the redness and flakiness associated with dandruff, the visible parts. While these ingredients are helpful on their own, it’s also important that your anti-dandruff shampoo contains pyrithione zinc. This is the ingredient that will make your scalp and hair healthier, plus provide a longer-term solution to the dandruff problem. It’s also safe for your hair and found in most anti-dandruff products. Often, it’s a good idea to find products that include both milder ingredients like coal tar with longer-lasting ones such as zinc.

After assessing your hair type and deciding what shampoo will work best based on whether or not it’s colored or lacks moisture, look for those shampoos with either natural ingredients like tea tree oil or pyrithione zinc, which will give you a longer-lasting result.

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