You might be tempted to dye your hair at home right now. Even though many salons are open, some people just don’t feel safe enough to visit one. Perhaps your favorite salon is just booked for months and you can’t get an appointment anytime soon. You can color your hair at home, but many hair stylists do not recommend using bleach to achieve a lighter color at home. There are just some things you should leave to the professionals and here’s why.

Have you ever seen those videos where someone tries to bleach their hair at home and all of their hair falls out? Yes, that is the worst-case scenario, but there are other reasons to avoid using bleach on your hair if you aren’t knowledgeable enough. Bleach is a very strong and sometimes dangerous chemical. It is much stronger than regular hair dye and can burn your scalp or make your hair fall out. Your hair could become damaged beyond belief which could require you to start from scratch.

In addition, the kind of bleach you could purchase to use at home just isn’t that great in regards to quality. Hair stylists have access to the best of the best and it often isn’t available for just anyone to purchase. To bleach hair correctly, you will need to mix it with something called developer to achieve the perfect color. This can be a very difficult process, especially if you don’t have any training. You also need to have the training to know how to apply bleach to your hair correctly or you could finish with spots instead of even color.

To get the color you desire, you will also need toner. Bleach removes the color to get you to a blonde shade, but toner decides if you want more of a silver, beige, golden, or another color. If you are not trained in using toner, you could come out with blue hair or something worse.

It is just best to leave the bleaching up to a professional, no matter how badly you want to try it at home. You probably won’t get the level of training from videos online or tutorials. Just don’t do it!

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