If you have oily hair, any “hair oil” product may sound scary to you. However, hair oil can benefit many different hair types including those with oily hair. You should always ask your hair stylist if using a hair oil is right for you and which product is best for your specific hair type. But below you’ll find some reasons that you may want to try a hair oil.

Hair oils can help dull and damaged hair. It may be a no brainer that hair oil adds shine to your hair. If your hair has been looking very dull lately, it could certainly benefit from using a hair oil. If your hair has been damaged from styling, chemicals, or hair color, a hair oil can also smooth down the hair and moisturize to help it look less damaged.

Curly and thick hair can greatly benefit from a hair oil. If you have curly hair, you may notice that your ends are always dry. A hair oil at the ends of your hair can help keep it moisturized and help with detangling. Use an oil on your wet hair to see the most benefits.

If you have thinner hair and experience a lot of flyaways, a hair oil can help reduce them and keep hair in its place. Just be sure to remember the phrase less is more! Of course, if you use too much oil, your hair may look greasy. If you accidentally apply too much hair oil, you can use dry shampoo to get it out in a pinch.

Lastly, if you love the look of slicked back hair, hair oil is your best bet to get this look quickly. You can also combine hair oil with hair gel to make sure your hair stays in place for a long time. Try doing a slicked back ponytail for a chic look.

Have you ever used a hair oil? If you’re new to using hair oil and would prefer to use it as a mist, try our Marula Oil Hair Mist. It can create shiny hair fast!

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