“I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self-indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival” – Audre Lord

Our health is typically something we take for granted. In the recent past our lives were filled with and fraught with so many demands and challenges, with the bustle of balancing work, families and friends, that it was easy to overlook our well-being. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed that. It’s not just that we are hyper-focused on caring for those around us and protecting the at-risk individuals in our personal circles in the face of this crisis, but we’ve also come to realize that we need to take care of ourselves in order to best protect those around us. There is a new-found and pressing focus on our health and immunity that we’ve never experienced before. And with this focus it’s important to understand the facts as never before.

During this pandemic and the quarantine, we’ve been left to feel vulnerable and that vulnerability is an added layer of stress and has direct links to our sense of wellness. Char Deegan-Calello, our Senior Scientific Officer, mentioned in a recent video post, as we are locked down in our homes, there is “a difference between being safe and being healthy”. While staying at home provides a sense of security, it’s a passive sense. In other words, we feel safety as we stay in. But that’s not the only or even best way to think about how to be healthy. You need to engage and take active part in boosting your health and your immune system, to take a sense of control back. And there are simple measures you can consider that will have you be more actively engaged as we move ahead:

  1. Keep Active: the gym may be closed for now, but it’s important to remain active! Physical activity can give your immune system a great boost in so many ways. Researchers have shown that exercise helps bolster the immune system. Regular exercise also lowers your body’s stress hormones, which can give your immune system added strength. So even if the gym is out of the question, talk a walk, go for a run, go outside and garden. Find something to keep you moving!
  1. Eat for Health:  While many of us are stress-eating, a key to a healthy immune system is eating right. Good nutrition and eating the right foods are crucial tools for immune health. As we think about illness and our health, we need to begin to think about food as medicine, a means to stave off illness. It’s also a good time to think about adding supplements if you aren’t already taking them. Our KeraViatin Hair & Health Supplements contain a powerful blend of proven antioxidants that support and help maintain immune health!
  1. Sleep for Health: Sleep simply put, is one of the easiest ways to help your immunity. Sleep is the period when your body shifts into its natural repair cycle and reboots your immune system. Not getting enough sleep causes your body to increase production of stress hormones, which can cause stress on your immune system.
  1. Good Hygiene: The time for “practicing” good hygiene is past. We have to master it in order to be at our best. The health officials and experts have laid out the quarantine protocols and it’s important to follow the local and national measures that have been put into effect. You should wear personal protective equipment, such as masks where required. The use of hand sanitizers is also recommended, to help sanitize and keep you safe! Hand sanitizers are an easy, effective way to combat the spread of germs.

It’s important that we make sure we are ready for this challenging moment by taking extra and easy measures that help support our health. It’s a comfort to know that we can proactively take steps physically and mentally to help support our immune system and safeguard our wellness!

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