The rainy weather may be slowing down in your area, but the humidity is probably rising! As the weather heats up, many people will also have to deal with humid conditions. Unfortunately, humidity can make your hair look less than perfect. Do you remember the Friends episode where Monica’s hair becomes a giant ball of frizz due to the weather on vacation? That doesn’t have to be you! There are some ways that you can keep humidity from ruining your hair.

  1. Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Locking in the moisture can prevent frizz from forming. When you wash your hair, be sure to dry it completely before stepping outside in the humid weather. If your hair is wet at all, it will become frizzy and unmanageable, especially if your hair is prone to frizz.
  2. Use a serum. Anti-frizz serums can help prevent frizz from forming and keep your hair smooth and sleek.
  3. If you prefer straight hair, use a hair straightener (with a heat protectant of course). Using a high-quality hair straightener and finishing with hair spray can keep your hair looking great all day, no matter what the weather decides to do.
  4. If the weather is very humid, switch up your hair style. Put it in a sleek ponytail or wear a hat or scarf to protect your hair from the sun.
  5. Our Marula Oil Hair Mist can help reduce frizz and add shine. It is the perfect lightweight mist to put on your hair before you head outside in the humidity!

Do you worry about your hair in humid weather? Unfortunately, it is something most of us have to deal with, but we can prevent our hair from becoming a frizzy mess with a few products and techniques!

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2 thoughts on “How to Stop Humidity from Ruining Your Hair

  1. Joyce says:

    My hair doesn’t become a frizzy mess…….I have no curl in my hair and have a problem keeping a curl…..there is no hairspray that will keep it from becoming straight and stringy looking when there is humidity

    • Keranique Hair says:

      Hi Joyce, thank you for checking out our blog! We have a wide range of healthy hair care products including styling products designed to support, fortify and strengthen your hair. Please contact our Product Specialists for product suggestions and support with Keranique at (888)237-4131.
      Thank you
      Team Keranique

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