Hair standards change with different occasions and events. Have you ever wanted to spice up your hair routine for holiday events, work parties, weddings, dates, etc.? Here are some foolproof ways to change your traditional hairstyles for specific occasions:

For events such as barbeques, beach parties, small get-togethers, it is not necessary to spend a lot of time on your hairstyle. There are easy hairstyles that will still leave you feeling confident. For women, some of these are the messy bun, beach waves, braids added to straight or wavy hair, the always cute bun with the top part of the hair, as the rest is left down, or even a slicked back ponytail. Men can easily pull off a casual look without gel or intricate gel styling, in case you need to help your man with their look.

Some occasions are flexible but still need some planning. Let us start with a more basic style: The Bun. We are talking the brushed, twisted, and perfectly placed and secured bun, not to be confused with the messy bun. The bun is very easy yet versatile. When done correctly, it is an acceptable hairstyle for almost any occasion. It is perfect for those people who sleep through their alarms, and or only give themselves minimal time to get ready. Other acceptable styles for low-key events include straight blowout style, loose curls, half up and half down. For men, there are also different styles to choose from. If a man has short hair, the lightly gelled or slicked back look is always safe. If the hair is longer, a well-manicured brony-tail or man bun is perfect. These are all ideal hairstyles for holiday parties, work parties, night out on the town, and dates.

Some occasions require a more intricate style. Also, sometimes it is fun to stand out from the crowd and have a unique style. Bringing back vintage hairstyles are almost guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. These styles typically involve hot tools. It can be done at home with instructions or at any hair salon. Think about trying more intricate braids as well, such as a French braid or fishtail braid. You can also look up tutorials on YouTube if you need some additional help as you get ready.

What are your go-to hairstyles for different types of occasions? Do you ever enlist in help from a stylist or YouTube? Share with us below!

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