When it comes to hair, people always seem to want what they don’t have. Plus, it can be really fun to switch up your look from time to time! For people with naturally straight hair, luscious, bouncing curls have a serious allure. If this is you, one thing you might be considering is a perm! The once popular hair treatment is still around and is still a great option for obtaining beautiful curls. How do you know if a perm treatment is right for you? It is a major commitment and you have to be dedicated to keeping it up. Here are a few things you should know before you decide to make that commitment and get a perm:

  1. Does your hair have layers or is it really short? You may want to rethink the perm. The perm may dry out your hair too much, and the curls may not look quite like you are expecting. Ask your hair stylist if your hair is the appropriate length and style.1
  2. If your hair is already too damaged, you will definitely want to hold off on getting the treatment. Healthy hair is the first requirement for getting a perm so that it doesn’t leave you with completely dried out hair.1
  3. You will have to commit to avoiding all chemical treatments before and after your perm. This includes hair coloring, which should be avoided for a month before and a month after the perm treatment. Too many chemical treatments can really damage your precious tresses.1
  4. Before getting a perm, you are required to buy all new hair products and will have to switch up your daily hair care routine. Your hair stylist will be able to recommend the appropriate shampoos, conditioners, and other products to keep your new curls looking fresh.1 All of these different products could cost a pretty penny.
  5. Another thing to consider is that a perm is, in fact, permanent, and therefore a huge commitment. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, it could last for quite a while. If you decide you do not like how it turned out, it isn’t an easy fix. The decision to get a perm should not be taken lightly.1
  6. Without the right products, a perm might damage or weaken your locks.1 Although it is similar to getting your hair colored, there are certain risks when putting any type of chemical in your hair.
  7. As with many things, it is best to consult a professional. Make sure you discuss getting a perm in depth with your stylist before you make the final decision to do it. They will know whether or not your hair type will work with a perm, and will be able to give you specific instructions on maintaining the curls.

Have you ever permed your hair? Did you love it or hate it? Share your story with us!

1 – Information from Bustle.com

9 thoughts on “Should You Get a Perm?

  1. FRANCES WHITE says:

    Had a perm in Nov. After so many years!!
    My hair started falling out, bad enough I have very thin baby fine hair!! It was horrible!!
    That’s when I ordered “KERANIQUE”! Just started using it, haven’t yet notice results as of yet!

  2. Joanne says:

    Yes I did have a perm when I still had highlights and colour on my hair. Nevertheless I as told it would be ok only to have dried out hair and need treatment weekly apart from having layers, my hair looked burned out.
    I loved the perm, it gave me great body which this as the reason I had decided to have a perm. thin hair and very flat . I had it cut about 4 inches, which now is a little better and still have another 4 inches to cut for my hair to look healthier. Open for suggestions. Thank Joanne

  3. Annette says:

    I have had perms in the past and am looking forward to getting another one. I have long hair and spiral curls are great on me. My hair is fine and straight so the long curls are very pretty on me.

  4. Connie Moore says:

    Hi there I been using Keranique now for about 2 months and It is working some . what i want to know is I have white hair and my hair was real thick until I start taking Med. and I want to know If the shampoo and condition is this alright for my hair I don’t see any women on your video with white hair . Of course my hair isn’t fallen out as bad as it was and I need to get it cut , do you have any ideas on hair styles my age and with white hair i am 70.

  5. Deloris Spikes says:

    How about coloring my hair. Have been using products a little over 2 months. My hair is filling in. But really need to color it. What do you suggest?

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