After years of blow drying, curling and straightening, your hair has suffered a lot of damage. Dry ends that you feel like you constantly need to trim become unkempt at the end of the day. You look in the mirror and notice that toward your roots, there is no problem with dryness, and your hair looks greasy and unclean–regardless of the fact that you had washed it that same morning. This paradox has challenged women for years: how is it that you can have hair that’s both greasy and dry? Management is possible for combination hair, so here are tips on managing your hair type:

Wash the right way

Shampoo can strip your hair of those nourishing oils, known as sebum, that can’t seem to make the journey to your ends. When you have greasy hair, you should wash your hair once a day with a gentle shampoo. It’s a balancing act between your shampoo and conditioner—wash only your roots while massaging your scalp, and condition only your ends.

Dial down the heat

Taking a long, piping hot shower should be a luxury, not your everyday routine. These hot showers may cause an increased rate of sebum production which creates the oily appearance. When styling, take a break from hot tools, and make sure you use protecting products to guard hair against damage.

Brush to distribute oils

Overactive sebum production can be used in your favor! At night, brush your hair with a gentle boar’s hair bristle brush to distribute those oils throughout the strands. Try not to pull your hair back in tight styles that can strain your roots. In the morning, wash your hair as you normally would.

Don’t run your fingers through your hair

Bangs are tough for women with greasy hair because you’re constantly touching the strands, brushing them out of your face. For women with combination hair, the same is true for any style that you’re constantly touching or flipping.


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