If you suffer from thinning hair or more severe hair loss, you’ve likely been searching for a solution to your hair loss problems since you noticed more and more hair fall. The good news is that there are things you can change about your routine that can enhance hair growth and help get you back to fuller hair. Here are some tips to help increase hair growth:

Take Care of Your Health
Sometimes, hair loss can occur when your body is not getting the nutrients it needs for proper hair growth cycles. Vitamins like beta-carotene and vitamin A can help your hair grow longer, and ensuring you are eating a balanced diet can help you absorb any hair supplements you can take. Keranique offers hair loss supplements in addition to various other topical hair loss treatments.

Manage Stress
Severe stress can sometimes trigger hair loss in women. It’s important to get enough sleep and cope with stress through various ways. Try managing stress by removing yourself from situations that trigger stress or learning meditation tactics if you must be in a stressful environment.

Pause Damaging Hair Treatments
If you often color your hair or do chemical curling or straightening treatments, your hair may fall out as a result. Find a good hair stylist who knows which chemicals you should not use repeatedly, and which treatments need to be spaced out over time.

Cool Off
Using hot tools to straighten and curl your hair can be very damaging and cause hair to break, leading to thinning hair. It’s important to use nourishing products that protect your hair from heat. Consider alternate ways to style your hair without the use of heat.

Try Minoxidil
Keranique contains the only FDA approved ingredient to regrow hair, which is called Minoxidil. Being proactive about your hair loss can get you results, and over a million women have used Keranique to treat their thinning hair. See which Keranique Hair Regrowth System is right for you.

10 thoughts on “Thicker Fuller Hair

  1. Gladys lopez says:

    I have the shampoo and conditioner since im. a diabetic I cannot use some lotion that was sent to
    Me and I returned it but I do need something for thinijning hair I don’t have bald spots however there is hair loss whst can u offer me?

    • Keranique Hair says:

      Hi Gladys,
      Keranique® is your advanced solution for thinning, flat, lifeless hair or if you are experiencing hair loss. Created specifically for women, these products deliver outstanding results for ladies of all ages and with all hair types. The Keranique® Regrowth System follows a simple three step process: 1) Cleanse & Condition, 2) Treat and 3) Protect & Style. You can find the Keranique Regrowth System here: https://keranique.com/s4orderfspfs/?utm_expid=.vUG02WPtQz2PvWGdarqo9g.0&utm_referrer=

      However, we always recommend consulting a doctor about any medical concerns you might have about using Keranique.

  2. Brenda Ellis says:

    I have being using keranique x3mos an do see thicknesses from having very thin hair my edges still little thin an spaces but it gettti g there thanks

  3. Ilsa Gassaway says:

    I I just posted my comment but I will do it again. I have been using Karanique hair treatment for two months and I have not seen any results. I have been also taking the vitamins. I use the product every day and before I apply the Minoxidil spray I look at my scalp and I don’t see that any hair is starting to grow yet.

    • Keranique Hair says:

      Hi Isla,
      Hair regrowth takes time and requires patience. Continued use of the Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment with 2% Minoxidil for at least 4 months is usually needed before you start to notice regrowth. In the meantime, our other products in the Keranique system start working immediately to help repair and prevent further hair damage. Remember to keep using the Hair Regrowth Treatment every day, twice a day, morning and night. Important to note: everyone is different. Some users notice some results in as little as 2 to 4 months, but to see best results, it can take from 6 months up to a year. Once you’ve experienced initial results, you will continue to see improvement in your hair.

  4. Bek Dawson says:

    Hi, just wanting to know if this product is safe to use on my 4yr old daughter to help thicken her hair, my son has pulled her hair out numerous times and am worried that he will destroy her growth as it is not thick to begin with. He is 2 and learning that it is not okay to pull hair! Hoping this product will give her a boost.

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