Sometimes it’s good to give those strands a break from hot tools. From the blow dryer to the curling iron, the idea of no-heat curls sounds appealing to women who have thin or dry hair. Here are a few ways you can dry your hair without using damaging tools.

Headband Curls
This look can be worn all day as your hair air dries and settles into a curled look. This method involves a wide elastic headband that you might typically wear to keep flyaways out of your face while you work out. Put it on your head and segment your hair into halves. Twist it tightly and tuck the hair into the head band, wrapping as you go. Once your hair dries, you’ll have neat curls!

Old School Rollers
Don’t knock it ‘till you try it! There’s a reason rollers are an iconic method of curling. Using curlers on nearly dry hair after a shower can give you big bouncy curls without much effort.

Give it a Twist
This method will work best done overnight. Divide your hair into two halves. Twist both sides and pin them back using comfortable clips you can sleep on. When you wake up, you’ll have tight curls, so it’s best to use a light hairspray, let it set, and then tousle your hair to loosen up the ringlets. Voila! Curls for hours.


12 thoughts on “How to Curl Hair Without Heat

  1. Deborah Bozek says:

    I would definitely like to say thank you so much for all the really useful advice you have sent via these emails. They have taught me great ideas for my hair!!! And I’ve used many of them. Your products are wonderful too!!

  2. Susan says:

    I wish I could see a video if twustibg the gair around the headband for curls. Couldn’t quite figure out what you meant, but it sounds like a great idea!

  3. Dorothy says:

    I also would like to see pictures of the curling methods. When you say half, do you mean as on pigtails or top to bottom half? Love your products!

  4. J Stanley says:

    Great ideas! I have alopecia and need some creative ways to make what hair I have look normal. It is a challenge but I am lucky that most people cannot see my hair loss. I have found that many women have the same problem.
    Thanks for new Ideas! There are wide headbands that would work well with medium to long hair and still be comfortable.

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