Coffee contains that magic ingredient caffeine, and the amount in each cup depends on your roast. Unfortunately, too much caffeine can greatly impact your health, but what about the health of your hair?CoffeeImpactOnHairKeranique

The answer may surprise you.

No morning is complete without a cup of coffee in hand. Whether you’re frequenting your favorite local coffee shop or brewing it quickly at home, coffee has become an addiction and a way of life for so many. What starts with one cup here and there can turn into four or five cups a day. When it comes to health, nearly all nutritionists take an approach that most things are fine in moderation.

However, if you’re looking to improve your diet to help grow thicker hair, ditching coffee altogether might actually help you.

The Journal of Dermatology released a study which concluded that caffeine is a “stimulator of human hair growth”. However, in this study, the caffeine was applied topically and was ultra-concentrated. The amount of coffee you’d have to drink to get results showing “significant growth” is around 60 cups a day, averaging 6,000 mg of caffeine. Anyone drinking that amount of coffee per day likely would not live to see their fuller locks.

To help your hair grow thicker and fuller, drinking more water instead of coffee can keep your scalp hydrated. A hydrated scalp means that your hair follicles are less prone to drying out, which can keep them in a growth stage rather than a shed stage. In addition to this, you can take supplements and FDA approved treatments like Keranique to help stimulate hair growth.


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