We all have those friends who are masterful at changing things up. They might have eclectic styles or varying wardrobes, and these are also the same types of people who tend to be very adventurous with their hairstyles. There are another groups of people who are a little less inclined to change and are settled and comfortable with their current style. But every once in a while, it’s healthy to shakes things up a little and there are fun and simple ways to “play” and step outside the norm.

In this instance, let’s talk about hair! Our hair styles either change with the times, remain the same, or sometimes a little in between. One simple yet dramatic way to change your hairstyle is with either changing or creating a part in our hair.

Switching your side part from one side to the other, or changing it to part in the middle, can make for a fun change that isn’t too drastic. Now, depending on your hair type and if you’re used to getting your hair cut with your part in mind, there might be a little trimming needed to make a new part work just right.


  • A new part might not fall correctly if it’s done while it’s dry, so try your new part after a wash.
  • If you are nervous about debuting a new style at work, try it out over the weekend until you get used to it.
  • Don’t give up too quickly on a new style. It might take a little while to get used to it, so be patient.
  • Sometimes the part needs to be in the right place to make it feel just right, so keep playing until you find it.
  • If you like it, don’t be discouraged if others don’t comment on it. Subtle changes are often missed, and besides, this is about what you like and how you feel.
  • Be brave and take a chance. You might surprise yourself!

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