You make sure to take good care of your hair everyday while you’re awake, but what about when you’re sleeping? So many women overlook the fact that you need to take just as much care of your hair at night too! Keranique’s Trichologist, Sharday Miranda, is back with some amazing methods and tips for protecting your hair after you go to bed.

Items needed:

  • Scrunchies
  • Silk pillowcases
  • Cap and or silk wrap
  • Brush
  • Dry Shampoo
  1. Don’t go to sleep with wet hair

Our movements throughout the night are likely to cause knotting and this can lead to long-term damage. Sleeping with wet hair can cause friction in your sleep and can cause the hair to split. Wet hair consists of loose strands and when sleeping on it the hair will stretch and cause it to lose its normal pattern while creating damage at the same time. Hair is prone to breakage when it’s wet, so you can wash your hair at night if need be, but attempt to air dry it or cool dry setting with the blow dryer. If those are not options you can braid it, that way it stays in place, plus braiding your hair prevents tangling and breakage, (and also creates nice waves when braid is taken out in the AM.)

Another important thing to note that most of us are not aware about is ….Fungus! Fungus enjoy moist warm conditions – because that is how it grows – if you consistently sleep with wet hair it can contribute to an overgrowth of fungus or scalp ‘yeast’, potentially leading to scalp problems or dandruff.

  1. Try to sleep on silk pillowcases

Using a slick or satin pillowcase allows your hair to slide across the pillow causing less frizz and damage. The friction created by tossing and turning at night can be damaging to the hair follicle, ultimately resulting in more frizz and less shine. Cotton pillowcases are meant to retain and absorb moisture and it will do the same to your hair. From our previous Facebook Lives you know that our hair needs moisture! Especially if you have tried some of those pantry masks to help gain moisture back into your hair- your pillowcase can be reversing all that work. We know what happens to hair that does not have moisture; frizzy, lifeless, and more prone to static.  The fabric of a silk pillowcase is a smooth quality and it is less abrasive, which in turn causes less friction, less split ends and it won’t dry out your hair (it will actually help keep your hairstyle in place for a little longer).

  1. Pineapple loose pony tail – curly haired girls

What is a pineapple? Pineapple-ing gets its name from the obvious likeness to the fruit, and involves tying your hair (curls) up as close to your hairline as possible.  This creates volume at the roots and keeps your curls maned while you’re sleeping. It is created by the natural hair community for the purpose of lengthening the amount of time between wash days.

  1. Cap or silk wrap

If your hair frizzes, breaks or doesn’t grow or if you want to keep your hairstyle longer (whether a blow out or curls) – wear a silk hair wrap or cap on your head while you sleep. They eliminate friction when you sleep, thus preventing breakage and distributing oils- and NO FRIZZ.

As we sleep our hair comes into contact with whatever it touches, most often a pillow. Every individual hair has many hair cuticles, which get pulled in different directions –either causing the cuticles to be get split ends or be smoothed down.

  • Preserve your hairstyle- it will be so much smoother in the AM.
  • Have baby hair? Grow it!- The hair wrap helps to protect those tiny new hairs whilst you sleep (and if you are trying to grow your hair in general, it aids this to).
  • Distribute your natural oil- by wearing the silk hair wrap you naturally distribute oils from your roots to your tips, therefore your hair doesn’t need to work extra hard from your roots to reach the ends – meaning you don’t have to wash or dry shampoo your hair nearly as often.
  1. If you have straight hair – brush before going to sleep

Use a brush with natural bristles or a wide tooth comb. Brush your hair from root to tip for several minutes. This will help your oils to distribute and keep your follicles open.                                

  1. If need to use a dry shampoo apply at night rather than the morning

The product will completely absorb all oil while you’re sleeping and it will prevent excess oil from building up. By applying dry shampoo at night, you won’t have to worry about that unwanted powdery look, because there’s plenty of time for the product to be worked into your hair. Plus, while your hair is rubbing against the pillow, the work is essentially being done for you. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll just need a touch up and that’s it!

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4 thoughts on “Facebook Live: Topic – Time for bed… Now What?!

  1. Peggy Sessions says:

    Can your products be used for color treated hair? I love your products but my hair turns orangish after a couple of shampoos. I will continue using your products because my hair is growing. It is a great product, just wish it was for colored hair.

  2. Liz Holland says:

    Where do I purchase a silk wrap or cap? My hair is short and after sleeping on it , I have to wash it almost daily. Thank you! Liz

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