Baby HairsBaby Hairs. Flyaways. No matter what name you call them, you know those the little hairs that are not long enough to do anything with. Well, these baby hairs tend to get out of control when they are too dry, making them less manageable.

Often we chose to just give up on them and try not to focus on what they are inevitably doing to our do, but there is help! Here are a few ways that we can battle this most irritating hair dilemma:

  • Hairspray

    If you’re sporting fine to medium hair, give them a good squirt of hairspray and smooth them down. They should stay in place all day.

  • Oil:

    For medium to thicker hair, smooth them down with a few drops of hair oil or coconut oil. A little goes a long way so dab it on your fingers and work it lightly through the hair.

  • Lotion:

    If you’re on the run and carry a little non-greasy hand lotion with you, dab a little on your fingers and run through your unruly baby hairs to get them back in order.

  • Leave in Conditioners/products:

    If this is a constant issue, pick up a good leave-in conditioner that will help any and all frizz.

  • Tools:

    Try using an eyebrow brush or a toothbrush with any of the methods above for a very polished look.

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