Growing up we’re taught that washing your hair is part of maintaining personal hygiene. And while that rings true, not all commonly believed hair tips are the best advice for every texture. If you are noticing that your hair isn’t looking its best, you may need to take a look at your routine and change it up. Hair care is not an exact science, but read on for some habits to start implementing to change the way your hair looks and feels. 

Brush Before Washing

The usual routine is brushing your hair after you get out of the shower to ensure that there aren’t any knots or tangles. The problem with this habit is that hair is at its most brittle when it is wet. When you go to work out those knots with wet hair, you may be causing breakage and unnecessary traction that can cause hair to fall out. If you run an anti-breakage detangling comb through your hair before you shower, you’ll be able to redistribute the oils throughout your hair to prep it for your shampoo and conditioner. After you come out of the shower your hair will be soft, and smooth and you’ll have an easier time running a comb through it with less breakage. 

Correct Conditioning 

Conditioner is a heavy product that can sit in your hair and make it look greaser between washes if you’re not using the product that’s right for you, or if you’re not using it correctly. When it comes to conditioner, there are different types that you can use depending on your hair. The most important thing to keep in mind about conditioner is that it is meant for the ends of your hair and not the scalp. If you are using a normal deep hydrating conditioner, work it from the bottom of your hair into the top, instead of top-down, and rinse it out after letting it set for a couple of minutes. Leave-in conditioners are a little different in that you apply them at the top and comb it through without rinsing. Make sure you read the directions on your conditioner of choice to see how it is supposed to be used properly. 

Vitamins and Minerals 

Your hair needs to be reinvigorated every day to achieve hair that’s shiny and healthy. The best way to support your hair’s health from the inside is through the vitamins and minerals your body uses to stay healthy. Getting the necessary vitamins and minerals in your hair can be as easy as a balanced diet. Being mindful of your diet can have benefits on your hair’s health and appearance—and of course, your entire body’s well-being. The right minerals will strengthen your hair strands and follicles and will even give your hair more of a shine. Trying a hair & scalp supplement can help bridge the gap you may not be absorbing from your normal diet. 

Embrace the Natural

They say “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.” If you’re not someone who embraces their natural hair and relies on heat styling tools, this leads to the hair strands dying more quickly. Using less heat and a more natural look is a way to preserve the healthy look of your hair. Seek out hair products that enhance your natural features and tame flyaways for a refined look that keeps hair from severe damage.

Soft Accessories

Elastic hair ties and cotton pillowcases are extremely common, but they might be wreaking havoc on your hair. Fortunately, there are alternatives to both of these items. Scrunchies are becoming more popular once again and these are easier to take out without ripping any strands of hair out of the head. Additionally, silk or satin pillowcases are a great material to sleep on. These fabrics reduce the friction on your hair which also helps against breakage. Being mindful of the material you have against your hair can help preserve its natural look and even enhance shine. 

Habits can be very hard to break, but implementing these healthy hair habits can help completely transform your hair.

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